Is HCG weight loss effective?

In order to answer this posed question, we must first what it is and how it works. Well what is it? The HCG diet works by incorporating the action of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and a low calorie diet as a premise to losing weight. The idea here is to loss weight by calorie restriction yet eliminating food craving. This is on possible due to the anabolic nature of the HCG hormone, which facilitates fat breakdown to energy while preventing muscle loss. Furthermore, HCG acts on the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus and inhibits the feeling of hunger.

The low calorie diet gives this weight loss method its reputation (strictest weight loss method). The average number of calories need by a normal man per day is always above 1200 calories (minimum), anything below this level will obviously result in weight loss. Then what aspect of this weight loss program makes it considered by many people worldwide?

First of all taking calories that are below your basal metabolic rate is simply starving yourself, this is an accepted fact. What makes this program special is the ability to address starvation. Normally starvation is accompanied by loss of both fat and muscle resulting in weakness. So how do you match losing weight by a very low calorie deficient diet and still keep your body healthy during the process? We go back to HCG which can be taken as injections, drops or even pellets.

So, is it effective?

A simple yes would be enough. However, this is a strict hcg weight losing method. It has a very challenging diet which must be followed down to the smallest detail of time of meal, type of food and quantity to be able to work. Why emphasis on this? Well, some individuals have claimed that this weight loss program is not effective or does not work entirely. Such cases are characterized by a lack of dedication to follow the strict guidelines by using best hcg drops from the market. There are many success stories out there, accounts of people losing an incredible amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time (standard is usually 1-2 pounds per day). And what is the most common trait of such individuals? They all followed all the guidelines step by step until they were able to achieve their goals. It must be established that some failure stories are due to using poor products such as weak HCG.  Therefore, making sure you buy from legit companies will also help.