10 Great Matches of 2012 You Never Saw

The title of this column is simply the polite version of “10 Great Matches of 2012 on WWE Superstars”. I watch Superstars, but I know most fans don’t. The absence of storylines and main event talent often deters viewers from the show. However, WWE Superstars does produce the occasional epic bout.

 Fortunately for the TJR readers Graham Galloway is here to peruse the countless hours of programming for the purposes of sorting the bad from the good. On the whole, I have enjoyed reviewing WWE Superstars throughout 2012 and below is a list of the 10 best matches produced by the roster; you may be surprised by the quality of entertainment on show.


10 – Alex Riley vs. The Miz (26th of April)

This emotionally charged classic told the simple story of the young student looking to prove his talent and skill to his old mentor. The passion behind the offense amplified each strike; a great example of a meaningful match on WWE Superstars.



9 – Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler (27th of September)

Most fans are aware that these two have had many a match. Their regularly engagement is likely the reason for the chemistry they experience and although not all of their matches are classics their encounter on the 27th of September was an enthralling bout.



8 – Antonio Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd (24th of May)

We all remember the first time we seen Antonio Cesaro. For me it was his exceptional bout with Tyson Kidd on the 24th of May. I had heard great things of the former ROH man but I never imagined in my wildest dreams that the Swiss-grappled would conduct himself with such awareness, grace and venomous physicality. His performance against Tyson Kidd was exemplary.



7 – Hunico vs. Tyson Kidd (10th of May)

Tyson Kidd is a firm fan favourite; his athleticism facilitates for some wild spots which frequently draws gasps from the audience. Hunico is a favourite of mine, he has a similar style to Tyson Kidd, only with a Lucha twist. When these two met on the 10th of May the result was circus-like combat which featured phenomenal demonstrations of fluency and balance.



6 – Justin Gabriel vs. Hunico (12th of July)

The Capetown Werewolf may not have particularly polished mic skills. However, WWE Superstars does not require its competitors to feature on the mic and hence it lends itself to those with gifted in-ring ability. This bout was one of Gabriel’s greatest outings against a man who contributes to the theme of athleticism; a must see for any cruiserweight fan.



5 – Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel (12th of October)

Some fans may remember the feud between Cesaro and Gabriel for the US title. They had some incredible bouts but this one was their finest work by a country mile. Gabriel’s cruiserweight skills sold Cesaro’s power offense to an insurmountable standard. Whether it was changing direction mid air after an uppercut or flipping 450º following a clothesline, Gabriel produced a master-class; Cesaro contributed his fair share also.



4 – Drew McIntyre vs. Sin Cara (17th of July)

Back when Sin Cara sold more botches than masks it was difficult to identify an opponent who could mitigate the risks of failure with the little Mexicana. One day in July WWE decided to place the former Mystico in a match with one of their most well-rounded talents they had at their disposal. The result was incredible. If McIntyre wasn’t using the masked-grappler as a ragdoll he was selling the Mexican offense like Averno. This is one of those bouts which I enjoy watching again and again.




3 – Justin Gabriel vs. Hunico (14th of June)

For the second time on the list it’s Gabriel and Hunico. Their first encounter was great – this one was unbelievable. There was an endemic theme of innovation as the offense produced by both talents was some of the most creative I have ever seen. Chain wrestling, similar to that of Punk vs. Bryan matches, in conjunction with the high-flying skills of both performers made for an exceptional bout which is one you must see to believe.




2 – Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler (8th of Match)

Also making their second appearance on the list together are Kingston and Ziggler. This 15+ minute classic was the match which made me sit up and take notice of Dolph Ziggler. Both wrestlers invested everything they had into this prolonged match. The incredible sequences produced by Kingston and Ziggler mirrored that of HBK vs. The Undertaker at WM 25 – of course, on a lesser scale.



1 – Drew McIntyre vs. Christian (31st of May)

Who else to top the list but the chosen one himself - Drew McIntyre. At a time when Drew found himself surplus to requirements on RAW he came out on the 31st of May 2012 edition of Superstars and showed the world why he is the future of the WWE; his x-factor. Christian sold McIntyre’s offense to a gold standard and demonstrated some exciting manoeuvres himself. The back and forth action in conjunction with creative spots made for an enthralling bout. Any PPV would be proud to have hosted this bout.



That’s us. The 10 greatest matches produced by WWE Superstars throughout the year of 2012. I hope you watch at least some of the matches/highlights, I am sure you will enjoy the action as much as I have. As always, if you have any thoughts then feel free to leave comments below.

I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year and I hope to see you all back in 2013 on TJR.

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