Hello friends, acquaintances, and well-wishers. Welcome to the 4th annual TJR Halloween Special. Sadly the first two years of this tradition were lost in the storm that was the TJR server move of 2012, but luckily you can still check out last years entry here. This annual festival of carnage is where I show you the best, the worst, and the most insane professional wrestling inspired costumes I could find on the web. If you enjoy what you see, do me a favor and share this on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, or whatever other Inter-weby type things you kids are doing today. Maybe Tout it. Is that still a thing?

Anyway, here are the 25 costumes I found that were worth mentioning this year. Prepare to have your eyes and brains touched in inappropriate places...



I think this is without fail the most accurate Big Boss Man costume I've ever seen, as long as you don't count literally every cop in Cobb County Georgia. Also, kudos to the Demolition cosplayers. You make creepy S&M gear look kinda cool. Kinda.

Jesus Christ. I try not to be subjective when it comes to women and definitely I try not to let my libido get the best of me, but the quickest way to get my attention is to dress up like a sexier version of AJ Lee AND have a classic Neal Adams Batman iPhone cover. I think my brain just exploded. (Follow cosplay AJ aka Stacey on Twitter).

There are about a million Team Hell No costumes on the Internet, but I'll tell you what made this one stand out: commitment to the gimmick. Asian Bryan is ROCKING the hell out of that beard and kinda-Kane looks accurate enough to make me do a double take. Well done fellas. I hope this doesn't end with both of you being neutered by the Authority and Wyatt's respectively!

It's not hard to look like a sleaze bag who's way into post-80's metal, but I'm going to give this one a thumbs up because of the top-notch Lita and Rated R belt accessory. 

I respect the effort in the Bray Wyatt costume (especially since it's so easy to pull off) but let's be honest; Boobs McKane has this one in the bag. What is it about Halloween that makes me so misogynistic? And speaking of Bray Wyatt...

Hey Grady!

These guys got (deservedly) super popular on the Internet earlier this year so I felt like I had to include them, even though one of them is in black face. 


Here's TJR friend and With Leather editor Brandon Stroud making his second Halloween Special appearance with a spectacular Zeb Colter costume. He even has his own Jack Swagger! Special props to go Danielle Matheson for her costume "flag." 

It's college abroad student Sin Cara! Equipped with his Timberlands for hikes he'll say he went on but never did and backpack full of condoms and Axe body spray.


Normally this would be in the good section because of the strong CM Punk showing and the drool-inducing AJ Lee, but since I literally had to ask someone who the guy in the middle was supposed to be (spoilers: he's Chris Jericho) I can't give it the credit it probably deserves. I guess it takes more than a wig and bedazzled jacket to pull of a Jericho costume. That's like growing a beard, gelling your hair, wearing an FBI jacket, and expecting everyone to assume you're Burt Macklin, even though NOBODY at the party knows who Burt Macklin is. *grumble*

Mini-Taker, Confused Bret Hart, Sunken Chest Tatanka, and the unsexiest Shawn Michaels I've ever seen. Next time you do a group picture, make sure your Undertaker isn't the shortest guy you could find. I gotta give it to Giant Gonzalez and Doink though. Those guys are rocking it.

Here's emo rock enthusiast Kane, getting ready to write a song about how his ex-girlfriend was screaming infidelities or whatever. 



Look, if you're going to spend the dough on a Rey Mysterio mask, you have to go all the way. If you made it out of duct tape than yeah, this costume would be in line with it's Dollar Store motif, but don't half-ass it guy. That just makes all of us look bad.

Poorly done Ultimate Warrior or poorly done Renegade? You decide.

Bro-Warrior needs another brewsky before he puts his balls on the pledges' forehead. FRAT BROS FOR LIFE WHOOOO!

I'm convinced that this is just this guy's normal Monday outfit.



Good lord it's Frank Reynolds, only this time he's dressed as Randy Savage. 

There's something very discomforting about this Undertaker. That isn't the face of someone getting into his character. That's the face of a guy that gives out worms and razor bladed apples because he's a lunatic. 

The bald cap and goatee alone are enough to make me feel icky, but look at that kids eyes. Look at them! TAKE ALL THE CANDY YOU WANT JUST PLEASE DON'T HURT MY FAMILY 

I don't think this was taken on Halloween...


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