It’s Christmas Eve which means there are thousands of people scurrying to get that last minute gift at malls and stores all around the country for people that really don’t matter all that much to them. But what if you want to avoid the potential mass-murder that is shopping on Christmas Eve? Well there’s online shopping of course! Even though it’s too late to get it on the big day, you can always blame it on the mailman for being a lazy sack of garbage with no Christmas spirit. Trust me; that excuse works more than you’d think.

So for those of you who have wrestling fans in your lives but don’t really care about getting them a gift right away and/or don’t like them very much, here are 6 items from WWE’s Shop Zone that will let them know exactly how you feel about them without making Christmas Day super awkward.

6) WWE Hell in a Cell poster

Here’s the perfect gift for someone that doesn’t have eyeballs. I don’t know how WWE can try and pass this off as a Christmas gift option without snickering so loud you can hear it through the Internet. It takes a lot of balls to make R-Truth merchandise as it is, but making him the face of a pay-per-view that he didn’t even appear on, and then selling the poster for anything other than free? That’s like shitting in Santa’s hat and daring him to call you naughty.

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5) Rob Van Dam Pendant

Just in case your jewelry collection didn’t have enough yin yangs or dragons in it, here’s an eyesore that will fill your quota. There’s nobody in WWE that screams “Spencer’s Gifts” quite like RVD. If he were to walk out wearing an EZ drinker beer hat and carrying one of those electric balls that makes your hair stand up, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

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4) John Cena “Happy Holidays” North Pole Sign

This gift makes no sense at all. Go right for a land of Christmas magic and wonder, go left for nonsense slogans. Instead of saying “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” it should say “I’m sorry but I clearly don’t think much of you if this is what I bought you for Christmas.”

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3) Skateboard Knee and Elbow Pads—Adult

What the f**k is this? Where the hell are we, Walmart dot com?

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2) WWE Pizza Prints

You know what would be a great Christmas gift? A way to ruin every pizza party you’re ever invited to for the rest of your life.

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1) Zack Ryder SSSIIICCCKKK Sunglasses

I like to imagine the kid that opens his presents Christmas morning and sees a pair of these glasses staring back up at him from the wrapping paper. Right before he says out loud “Who’s Zack Ryder?” I like to think that he fantasizes about all the ass-kicking’s he’s going to receive for wearing these in public.

Buy this terrible gift here.

In case none of these were bad enough for you, check out the full WWE Shop Winter Clearance for more garbage bag stuffers. Merry Christmas everybody! 


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