A Matter of Character - Dean AmbroseBy Matty J. DouglasI’ve said before during these columns that I like to watch FCW broadcasts when I have the time to. There is something that appeals to me creatively about seeing these developing wrestlers hone their craft. When I watch I feel like a child that has just gotten a new toy. These developmental superstars are all blank slates, so many adventures to be had. Creatively these raw, un-bastardized talents have so many directions they can go in.<!--more-->I have my favorites, certain superstars who I believe have more talent than others and will be more successful on the next level if given a real shot. Weeks ago when I did an edition of AMOC on Byron Saxton, JD Cage left a comment that said: “You should do these on the FCW and NXT wrestlers to give people an insight onto who they are and what they could contribute to the WWE main roster.”I sat on that thought for a while and I’ve decided that it would be a great exercise to take part in. For the next few weeks I am going to highlight my favorite wrestlers in the WWE’s developmental system FCW, starting this week with the cream of the crop. A wrestler well known on the independent circuit as Jon Moxley, that goes by the name Dean Ambrose in the WWE developmental territory FCW.Dean Ambrose has all the tools to be a big star in the WWE. He is extremely talented and brings a lot to the table. I am going to analyze the character of Dean Ambrose, highlighting his strengths, what he can bring to the main roster, pointing out any weaknesses I see, and making suggestions for the character where I see fit. Without any further ado, Let’s Do This!PhysicalDean Ambrose is about 6 ‘3 and is far from being a body builder. He isn’t exactly what I’d call a physically imposing character, but what he lacks in sheer size and muscle, he more than makes up for with a willingness to put himself through anything to win, and an endurance unmatched. You can’t keep him down. No matter how hard you try to finish him, he’ll get right back up. They say there are two things that would survive a nuclear apocalypse, cockroaches and Dean Ambrose. He says it best, he’s  “Indestructible.”I haven’t even gotten to one of the best things about the developmental prospect… The dude can wrestle his ass off. On more than one occasion I’ve seen the man be part of a 20+ minute match, and perform phenomenally. He is an incredible storyteller inside the squared circle and I would be hard pressed to find someone who would disagree. The guy doesn’t have the prototypical WWE frame, but he has the ability to put on entertaining matches, tell a story inside the ring, and take a beating but keep on competing. Just check out this 30-minute Iron Man Match he had on an edition of FCW with another gifted young talent named Seth Rollins:With those talents, and an endorsement from CM Punk himself, who needs to be hulking ton of muscle? (But to be fair, it does help in the WWE.)PersonalityWhen it comes to personality, Dean Ambrose has it in spades. The best way to describe Dean Ambrose’s personality would be to say he’s, odd. He’s strange, weird, unusual, peculiar, and any other word you can think of that means different from everybody else. I’ve said in the past that different is good, and that it helps superstars stand out, case and point Dean Ambrose.Dean Ambrose’s character is a little bit crazy, but not WWE “talk very slow and methodically while staring intensely with a blank expression because I’m crazily thinking about what evil thing I can do next” crazy (Hey Randy Orton, Miz). Ambrose’s crazy is different, unorthodox, and actually entertaining.He makes sudden jittery movements during promos and in matches, almost like he can’t stand to be still for even a second. He jokes, and reacts comically to situations that aren’t that funny. He says funny things but you can’t really tell if he’s being funny or serious. You can’t get a read on him because it seems like he doesn’t care for anything in the world, and he doesn’t. It’s the complete lack of empathy or sympathy that makes him crazy. Not to mention some obvious mental issues (for the character I mean). The personality is one that draws you in. You feel like you want to cheer him, but you’re not sure you can, because he might do something despicable at any moment. He’s an undefined variable in any situation he’s in and that is the major success of his personality. The guy’s got “it.”Words and ActionsDean Ambrose is unpredictability personified. It seems as though he doesn’t think things through conventionally, but he is a clever guy. Being in a program or feud with him would not only be physically demanding because of what this guy can put his opponents and himself through, it is also mentally taxing because Dean Ambrose is all over the place mentally.Dean likes to be put through the ringer. He enjoys pushing the boundaries of his endurance. He will take a beating, get up smiling and say, “Can I have another?” He goads people into attacking him. He gets on everyone’s nerves. He’s a pest that riles you up until you’re at your angriest and will go at him with everything you have. What’s more he’ll take everything you have and throw it back at you. He wants to drag you down to the dirt with him, and what he says and does reflect that.MotivationWhen I watch Dean Ambrose perform during his promos and his matches I get the sense that he has had a rough life and that he was always an outsider (not in the hip Hall and Nash way). I would hazard to guess that he’s been ostracized his whole life and that helped him develop into the emotionally/morally obtuse character he is today. He’s been through the dirt and the mud, and I believe his goal, his motivation, is to drag everyone else through the mud, so that they too are outsiders like him.Along with that broad motivation, he wants to prove that he is stronger than everyone else. He wants to put to the test his ability to absorb punishment, and prove to even the strongest superstar on the roster, that on their best day, they can’t keep him down. He takes pride in his ability to take a beating and it motivates him to push himself to the limit. It’s almost admirable, if he wasn’t so damn insane.ConflictAs I speculated above, I feel as though a lot of what motivates Dean Ambrose stems from feeling like an outsider growing up. He doesn’t seem like a guy who has had a lot of friends growing up (if any) and thus treats everybody as an enemy, someone to be brought down to his level, toyed with, and test his mettle against. Conflict is hard to come by with a person as emotionally stunted as he Dean seems to be. He doesn’t care about other people, or anything for that matter, even his own safety.So the greatest conflict that could ever arise for a character that is seemingly care free (other than competing the ring), is to introduce something that he does care about. What happens when someone is able to break through the barrier Ambrose puts up and befriend him? That would be a real conflict for his character because he seems to be very used to violence and having people not care what happens to him. Would he be able to adjust? Would he be able to return the affection? Or would he mess it all up? Conflict’s main goal is to create questions about where the narrative will head and what the character will do. There are a bevy of big questions that would arise when Dean Ambrose has someone in his life that he cares about and that cares about what happen to him.Going ForwardObviously going forward you would bring him up to the main roster. I wouldn’t want to bring him up in an overtly serious way, but rather a way that can be fun and also demonstrates his strengths as a performer and character.I’d introduce him doing something like what the Masterlock Challenge, and the Angle Challenge were. Ambrose would come to the ring week after week for a short segment, with no flash or flare, and beg someone in the back to come out and hit him with their best shot. If they can keep him down, they’ll get paid a pretty significant purse. Week after week, a superstar would come out and hit him with their finisher, or some kind of devastating strike, maybe with a chair or another kind of weapon. Ambrose would go down, but would always get up before a 10 count, grab a microphone and respond, “That was pretty good… My Turn!” and lay a savage beating on the superstar that failed to put him down.Eventually after these challenges and eventually having matches with a lot of these guys, Ambrose will get bored. He will decide to walk up to the biggest Dog in the yard and poke him. In this case that big dog will be named Big Show. He will goad Show into blasting him with the WMD. Ambrose will then dedicate himself to taking down the Big Show a peg, and proving himself against Show. It will be his first real “feud” on the main roster and I think a feud with the Big Show is a good place to start.There you have it but what do you guys and gals think? Do you like Dean Ambrose’s character? Are you excited to see him eventually rise to the main roster? Do you think he has that “It” factor?Until next time folks, I’m Matty J. Douglas saying HOLY $#!* was Boardwalk Empire’s finale mind blowing! Now there are writers with some balls. “You Can’t Be Half a Gangster Anymore Nuck…” Have a great week everybody.