This isn't a wrestling column. Sorry. No Canton's Corner this week from me since I'm recharging the batteries so to speak and I assure you that you'll be getting a lot of content from me in June and July. Instead, it's a guide to our lovely new site because there are few different things I want to point out to you, our loyal readers, that you may not be aware of. 

Before I start, I first want to thank you all for transitioning over from our old site to our new home here. I know it takes some getting used to. It's like moving into a new house or getting a new car after having something you've known for a while. It was a great two years at and we grew a lot over that time going from two million views in year one to six million views in year two. 

Since moving over to in mid-April, the page views have stayed at about the same number, so I'm grateful that our audience has moved over with us. In the end, I know what matters more than anything else is the daily free writing content we provide and I can assure you that the core of what this site is will never change. 

With that said, we want to grow too. Gone is my first name from the title of the site. I never really wanted it there, to be honest. It just kind of happened. I've actually had a few people complain to me about the change because some people that read the site at work are now blocked because of the infamous term "wrestling" in our new title. Damn you block filters. I'm sorry to those that are dealing with that, but hopefully you're able to find a workaround or are reading when you get home. 

Here are some notes on things to look for on the site: 

- When a new column gets posted, it quickly becomes "Featured Content" meaning that it is the biggest looking post on the site. Usually in a day we have 2-3 new columns. Those become featured. The most that can be featured in a day are four columns, so when you log onto the site be sure to look for those columns to see what the most recent posts are. 

- Alternatively, you can use the Archives feature to see a listing of the columns in a traditional manner. I know some people like looking at a site that way, so just bookmark and you'll get a listing of the columns as they are posted. You can also go through the Archives to see any column from the history of TJR. 

- You can also use the RSS feed for a listing of the columns. That actually might be a good way to avoid any censors you may run through. Personally I use the RSS feed and find it very handy. 

- We also have a mobile app for Android phones. I wrote all about it a few weeks back, so CLICK HERE for a walkthrough of what you have to do in order to get that. It's as simple as typing in "TJR Wrestling" in the Google Marketplace.  

Regarding other apps, we're working on it. It's not my expertise, but I have some people helping me out and we're hopeful that within a few months we can get apps for iPhone, Blackberry and mobile users in general. 

- Another thing I wanted to point out is that you can order items from by using the handy link in the upper right side of the site. If you ever order anything from, please use that link. I will then receive 7% of whatever it is you order. It's not a lot, but if you’re going to order from there anywhere you might as well help me out while you do it right? There's nothing you have to do other than click that logo, place your order and pay it without closing the browser. That's how it works. 

- The last point is the commenting system. I know that there are people out there that don't like the current format where you have to login using Facebook (you can also use Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL) to add a comment. On the old Wordpress site, you could create an anonymous account and post whatever you want. There were more comments. Believe me I know that. We'll work on something for that too. Right now it's not easy to do because we're part of the FanvsFan Network and it's a network wide thing that would have to change. I've suggested it. I hope it happens. I'll keep on pushing for it. There's nothing I want more than to make this site more accessible for our readers, so that's something that is definitely in the forefront of things we want to change for the better going forward.  

As I wrap this up, please keep in mind that the site you see today is going to change for the better going forward. We're still getting used to the new home so to speak. The move was done for a few reasons with the main one being we want to grow to be even bigger than we were before. 

Thanks again for all of your support. You keep on reading and we'll keep on providing you with the free high quality daily content you've come to know and love from us over the years. 

If you have any questions or concerns that you want to email me about please send me a message at and I'll reply as soon as I can. 

John Canton Editor in Chief