Like all of the world’s greatest ideas, this one started on twitter. TJR writer Hugh Firth made a comment about Total Divas, prompting responses from other TJR writers. We decided that it would be fun to each write pitches for a WWE reality show that we’d want to watch. All writers for the site are welcome to post something over the course of this week, and next weekend we will poll you, dear readers, to pick the winner.

So we have christened this “TJR Reality Week” and it’s got the potential to be a lot of fun for everyone! Please help us promote the event by sharing links with all of your contacts, making a “must-see” site for high-quality insights and low-brow humor.  

It all begins here. The cure for the post-WrestleMania slump. The cure for The Kardashians. World peace. Cena Lovers and Cena Haters holding hands and swaying to Bray Wyatt’s music. This week you will be privy to our very best ideas for wrestling reality shows. Total Divas may have a disconcertingly-disproportionate number of weddings, but TJRWrestling will find a way to top it!

Guideline for writers: you can write up to three pitches in your column, or put one pitch into your News Update.

I think that’s it! May the most-voted-for pitch win!