This might come as a surprise to some of you, but John Cena--WWE's face, focal character, and Demigod for the past decade--is not universally liked. I know that's shocking information to many of you on this here Internet, but it's true. Some people, like this newspaper columnist from Saudi Arabia, even consider him unwelcome to their national soil and would prefer if he kept his goddamn bright shirts and "Never Give Up" attitude in his asshole cave (I'm paraphrasing) far, far away from the influence of their children and countryman.

From Emirates 24/7 News:

A well-known Saudi newspaper columnist on Thursday attacked plans to stage wrestling in the conservative Gulf Kingdom and singled out John Cena in his tirade, saying the famous world wrestler is not welcome in Saudi Arabia.

Khaled Al Suleiman, who writes in the mass circulation Arabic language daily Okaz and other Saudi newspapers, was reacting to an announcement by the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) that it has agreed that some of its wrestling superstars travel to Saudi Arabia in February to stage tournaments.

If this guy is pissed at the prospect of WWE and John Cena staging tournaments in his country, he's going to be f**king furious when he realizes that John Cena tends to win those things, even when he's not in the brackets.

Here's a direct quote of what Suleiman had to say about the leader of the CeNation:

“John Cena…you are not welcome here…a few years ago I could have said you are welcome but my bitter experience with my children and their obsession with John Cena have made me loathsome to the idea of his coming…to stop him from coming, I am even ready to face him in the ring although such an idea is suicidal,” he said.

“Over the past years, my home has been turned into a wrestling ring where human bodies fly around and pillows are thrown all over as screams do not stop as if my home became Madison Square in New York…during those years, the shelves, walls and drawers in my home have been filled with pictures of wrestlers and their frightening bodies…now they are coming to control our minds at our home…you are not welcome…what we, adults and children, need is not a wrestling ring to engage in savage and horrifying fights, but a stage where all the talented compete to demonstrate their human skills and nature not savagery.”

I'll be honest, I can't tell if this guy is sarcastically trolling or is being sincere. Either way, somebody should tell this guy a few things; mainly that wrestling isn't real, and if he doesn't want his kids exposed to it than he should get off his ass and do some goddamn parenting instead of blaming the rich white guy.

I'll concede that kids who love Cena are generally obnoxious little shits, (my experience with them is limited to WWE shows and while browsing the toy aisle at Target) but that's like pointing at brown dogs and saying they are the only ones that bark. Whether they rough house while pretending to be John Cena or Thor, kids are going to find reasons beat the shit out of each other. That's what kids do. If you just don't like wrestling that's fine, but at least hate it for the right reasons.

I'm telling ya, this Cena guy. He can't catch a break. 


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