Ring of Honor's major show, Death Before Dishonor XI, which will have the semifinals and finals of the tournament to crown a new ROH World Champion, will air for free on GoFightLive tonight at 8 PM EST. You can read the press release here.

This is pretty huge news, considering ROH was giving up the live PPV format after countless issues. According to the article, GFL came to ROH recently and said that their servers have improved, and I assume that GFL is doing tonight's show for free as a sample of their new technology, which could possibly lead to ROH giving GFL their business for all major shows going forward.

It's important to note that the free stream of Death Before Dishonor is for the live stream ONLY. The replays will not be free. This is simply being done as a test of GFL's servers.

You can go to and set up a new account. It's free, and they won't send you any marketing mail to your email. I would like a lot of people to see tonight's show because I want to see if GFL's servers can really handle a lot of people watching at once. With barely any notice, I doubt they're going to get the same amount of traffic that they'd get if they had more lead time.

So DVR Smackdown, watch ROH live, and watch Smackdown tomorrow! I think I'm going to do a PBP of this show and I'll post it right after. Enjoy!