Canton’s Corner: The Wrestling Week in Review – February 19th, 2012By: Steve "The Melo Man" MeloFollow me on Twitter at @MeloOutTJRWelcome to Canton’s Corner. Sorry we missed you last week but both John & myself had other commitments. John is currently putting all of his creative writing skills in his Wrestlemania reviews and he's said previously when there are WWE PPVs his commitment is to writing the preview. So what that means is for the second time ever, Melo Man has you covered!<!--more-->It’s the usual line-up with the polls, Raw, Smackdown and a random video clip, but there will be no Twitter Ten because I don't do that sort of thing no matter how many sexual favours you might offer me. And lastly, there will be no Melo Out because you are already getting a full dose of it right now. So you will read it and you will like it! Or not. Your choice, but you've come this far so why not?Previous Poll ResultsThe poll question was: When Will CM Punk & Daniel Bryan walk into WrestleMania 28 as the WWE & World Champions? The results after 1,894 votes:Both will  54.7%  (1,036 votes)Only Punk will  32.42%  (614 votes)Only Bryan will  9.19%  (174 votes)Neither will  3.7%  (70 votes)I think that somehow, even with the odds stacked against them tonight in the elimination chambers that they will both make it to Wrestlemania 28 as champions. It would be kind of cool if Jericho won though and then Punk cashed in his rematch for Wrestlemania. Seeing a face chase the heel is always better in my opinion. I guess we will have to wait and find out.This Week’s Poll Question: Will we see CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 29?Will we see CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 29?Earlier this week, I got bored and was feeling creative so I created this image after WWE released their official logo for Wrestlemania 29:After I posted it on John Canton's Facebook wall, I immediately noticed 2 other images with the same concept as the one I made floating around the internet about 5 minutes later. What that tells me is along with myself, clearly there are many fans who want to see this match. Do you think it could still happen? Do you want to see it happen? I am glad they didn't do it this year because the main focus has been Cena vs. Rock as it should be. I think this has the potential to be a huge main event match if done right.As always, John Canton wrote about this week's RAW on Tuesday, but here are my thoughts on this show. I am warning you now that the majority of this will be dislikes. This show wasn't the greatest.DISLIKE - Opening Kane promo on the titantron.Yes that's right. I too still call it the titantron. It's real to me dammit! I love the fact that Kane is back and his mask is on even though I know what he looks like underneath it and he appears to be the fun loving crazy ass psychopath I use to love as a teenager. But I just wish he didn't speak and just destroyed people like the fun loving crazy ass psychopath I use to love as a teenager. Ok maybe not so much fun loving but you get the idea I'm sure. I'm not saying his promos suck. He is really good on the mic in my opinion. But the fact that he has been saying the same "embrace the hate" crap the last couple of weeks and is involved in this crappy ass storyline with Cena isn't doing him any favors. And that attire...Are you serious bro?DISLIKE - The Elimination Chamber debateWhere do I begin with this? As soon as I saw the podiums I said to myself that this was gonna suck balls. I gave myself the benefit of the doubt though because in the ring was Ziggler with a mic, Punk with a mic, Y2J had a mic and that goofy guy named R-Truth also had a mic. I couldn't care less what Kofi and Miz had to say to be honest. Even though this had the potential to be epic, it wasn't and this whole segment just dragged on big time. Sure there were some funny moments but I was just waiting it to be over so I could watch some actual wrestling.LIKE - Chris Jericho vs. Kofi KingstonI liked the match. I knew I would because both guys are great workers in the ring. I loved the ending with Y2J giving the boom boom man a nice dirty thumb to the eye. That was simply awesome. Jericho is an evil bastard. But you already knew that.DISLIKE - Ryder / Cena backstage segmentThis was just bad. Ryder was looking for Eve and Cena was upset that he was even there to begin with because he was hurt and in a wheelchair and looked like a retard with that neck brace on. Ok not the last part but he really does look ridiculous with that thing. I guess that is the point. Then Cena tells him not to worry. He will go find Eve. You'd think a woman as slutty as her would have given both these guys her number by now but no. Apparently she enjoys a good chase. Typical woman. I blame her for all of this pointless and unnecessary confusion.LIKE - Randy Orton vs. Big ShowThis was going into the dislike category until Daniel Bryan caused the DQ finish and nailed both guys in the head with the World Heavyweight title. That was gold buddy. GOLD! I am loving his heel turn and the fact that he always says yells "Yes" all the time. Classic!***Cheap plug: LIKE the Facebook page " Daniel Bryan says "yes!" at awkward momentsI have added many funny photos myself and was made an admin for it. CM Punk would be impressed.LIKE - The HBK / Triple H segmentBoth guys delivered excellent promos here and the storyline is shaping up to be great so far. I loved the fact that Hunter mentioned WWE will all be his one day and that the streak is good for business. That made me laugh. The back and forth interaction with Shawn was perfect. I really hope he is made the special guest referee in this match. Both guys made their points and then Undertaker cut off his hair.... Ya that was awkward. If Booker T was commentating he would have been all like "Awwwwww shucky ducky what da hell" and stuff. But he wasn't. I still heard it in my head though. Sometimes I hear voices in my head by the way. They talk to me. They understand.DISLIKE - R-Truth vs. Dolph ZigglerThey got less than 3 minutes and R-Truth won because Ziggler got cocky with his push-ups and Truth cradled him for the win. Need I say more?DISLIKE - Tamina Snuka vs. Brie BellaI just can't take Tamina or Alica Fox serious as a face. It's almost a joke when you really stop and think about it, much like the entire state of the Divas division right now. Whoa! I just heard a fart in the other room and I am home alone. I don't know rather to laugh or go and see if it's Natalya.DISLIKE - Eve jumps from a moving ambulance & kisses John CenaThis was high school all over again for me, except the girl I knew didn't jump from a moving vehicle into the embracing arms of the popular jock and passionately make out with him in front of that poor kid in the wheelchair that everyone treated nicely because they thought he was retarded to boot. The girl I knew jumped from a chair and face planted. That would have been more entertaining to see again than this garbage. After the face plant I told her we should just be friends like Eve said to Ryder. Good times! If we had Twitter back then, #facedumped would have been trending. I am sure of it fella.LIKE - CM Punk vs. The MizI enjoyed this match because Punk made Miz tap like a little bitch. Do you really need more reasons?DISLIKE - The main event angleI thought the backstage segment was brutal. Nope. This took the cake. A running joke that I have been hearing all week is that we all know Zack Ryder wanted to be pushed, but I don't think off the stage in a wheelchair was what he had in mind. I just want this storyline to be over with. If It leads to a Wrestlemania match between Zack Ryder & Kane and Ryder goes over, then maybe all this will be worth it. And now we play the waiting game. The waiting game sucks. Let's play hungry hungry hippo! To whoever gets that reference first, I owe you a coke.Are you ready for the Smack Attack? Andrew Johnson has been doing a great job of writing about the show each and every week on the site so be sure to read a full review of the show as well if you are interested. But enough about that evil genius of a bastard because this is what I thought of the show, and like RAW, it wasn't the greatest either sadly but it did have some great moments.LIKE - Teddy long informs Randy he cannot compete.I heard what happened and that Orton had legit suffered a concussion. It sucks no matter who you are when injuries like that happen. I dislike that with any wrestler because injuries suck. But from a storyline standpoint, it made things interesting because it left a big question. Who will replace him? I was intrigued so therefore this was a like from The Melo Man. I was also shocked that Teddy long didn't try and somehow try and turn this whole thing into a tag team match. "Now hold on a minute playa. It's going to be you and the concussion versus...oh right. Nevermind playa. Holla. Holla Holla!"DISLIKE - Big Show & Great KhaIi vs. Wade Barrett & Cody RhodesThe match was ok. Nothing special. The ending was surprising with Show knocking Khali the fuck out, but does it mean he is heel? No. It's every man for himself at the Elimination Chamber. Could it be the start of a heel turn? I think so, especially since he would then go on to knock out Henry backstage and tear Long's office a new one. But we will have to wait and see. I think if he keeps knocking people out like this, he is going to have to worry about Shaq-Fu sooner rather than later. The whole segment itself though was just okay for me. Didn't do much as far as my overall level of excitement is concerned. But hey, that's just me. It would have been a like if Teddy somehow tried making a tag match with Big Show, Daniel Bryan and a knocked out Khali and Henry.DISLIKE - Hunico vs. Ted DibiaseThis whole match felt like I accidently hit the replay button on my remote from a previous edition of Smackdown. That's how long it feels like this pointless feud has been going on. It probably hasn't even been that long but the fact that I could care less worries me because I feel both these guys have so much more potential than this. It's a shameful thing.LIKE - The Usos vs. Primo & EpicoIt's no secret that anytime Rose Mendes comes out to the ring and dances like a Puerto Rican whore bag that it is safe to say that whatever match she is involved in is an automatic like from me. The match was actually okay too though for the amount of time they actually got. Plus the reigning tag team champions won which meant she got to dance again. I was just waiting for Hornswoggle to come out and say "So it's that kinda party eh?" No wait that would be wrong. Regardless though, the moral of the story is Rosa Mendes is sexy. And I know it.LIKE - Daniel Bryan promoSeriously how awesome is Daniel Bryan as a cocky heel? Sure he can back it up but it's great to see how he can also play the chicken shit role and weasel his was out of situations while still acting like he is the best. The reactions he has been getting from the live audience has been great too. The man is doing his job and he is doing it well. I am loving every minute of his rise to the top. And then making Lillian Garcia announce him the winner of a match that hasn't happened yet, even though it happened last week? Freaking awesome and hilarious. Yes! YES! So evil. So brilliant.LIKE - Lillian Garcia in a hot pink dress.That is all.DISLIKE - Sheamus vs. Daniel BryanI'm confused. Isn't this the assumed Wrestlemania title match that ended up turning into a dark match for the U.S title at last year's Wrestlemania? Okay wow, now I have really confused myself. I thought it was going to be a quick match but it actually lasted awhile with Daniel Bryan getting the cheesy win as predicted. So brilliant. So evil. Yes! YES! But in the end, I did dislike the fact that I was witnessing a long match between these two on free TV when I was expected to either pay for it or stream it for free about a month from now. Shame on WWE for making me scratch my lobster head like that.LIKE - Teddy announces Battle Royal for Elimination Chamber match wild cardBattle Royals are always fun to watch, unless it involves Hornswoggle eliminating the latest 2012 Royal Rumble winner Sheamus. I'm still scratching my heading on that one. That's why it's red. Lobster red.DISLIKE - Jinder Mahal vs. Ezekiel JacksonJinder has been booked so poorly as of late that a quick win over big Zeke made no sense. Not that I like the new Ahmed Johnson anyways, but just saying. It was like watching a heel versus heel match that nobody gave two shits about. Wait, that's exactly what it felt like. The hell?DISLIKE - Tamina & Alicia Fox vs. Beth & Natalya(See dislike for Tamina on RAW, but add the fact that Natalya farting in the ring was so not the turn on I was tuning in for. I also disliked this because I prematurely took my pants off for no reason apparently. But you already knew that. Well now you know if you didn't before.)LIKE - Santino Marella wins the Battle Royal!Sure Drew McIntyre could have won. He could have really used it too. But the fact that Santino of all people actually won had me both excited and surprised all at once and as a fan, that is how I want to feel when I devote my time to watch wrestling on a weekly basis, be it RAW or Smackdown. I think for all the decent comedy Santino has provided us over the years that it will be refreshing to see that in an elimination chamber match. The guy deserves a chance. Why the hell not? Either way, I for one am very curious to see what he will do. I don't think he will win but then again I wasn't expecting him to win this match either. I'm excited. And that is a good thing.LIKE - Velvet Sky & the fact that I do not watch Impact Wrestling.I did hear however that Vince Russo is finally gone. Maybe people such as myself will actually start watching now? Oh wait... Hogan and Bischoff are still there? Nevermind. I already seen the rise and fall of WCW on Netflix.DISLIKE  - Impact WrestlingHere's hoping they get better. I feel like I've been saying that since Kurt Angle jumped ship.RANDOM CLIP OF THE WEEK!Since I am on a high right now for Santino Marella, here is a random clip of some of the funniest Santino moments ever. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.'s it for this week. Thanks for reading. Much like the random clip I've chosen, I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed taking over this edition of Canton's Corner and writing it for all you guys that actually look forward to reading it.One last plug. 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