“When it comes crashing down and hurts inside."

If you’re a Hulkamaniac then you know that lyric all too well and just maybe you’re hoping to hear it just one more time. At least this Hulkamaniac is. There isn’t anything that I can think of that could happen in the WWE that would get me out of my chair screaming like that seven year old boy that saw his hero capture the WWF Championship than if I heard those lyrics blasting over the speakers just once more. It’s been over seven years since we’ve heard “Real American” and it’s time for Hulk Hogan to come home.

It’s no secret that Hulk Hogan was my boyhood hero and that I’m a wrestling fan because Hulk Hogan got me hooked. I’ve been asking for it for about two years now on Facebook, Twitter and just about anywhere else my voice could be heard that I want The Hulkster back in the WWE.

I have no delusions of what Hulk Hogan is at this point in his life. He is a 60 year old man with bad knees, hips and back. It can be heartbreaking to watch the man attempt to walk at times. That’s why the time is now for Hulk Hogan to take his victory lap around the WWE.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny what Hogan has meant to this business. Vince McMahon was able to launch his company into being an international powerhouse on Hogan’s star. Hulk Hogan was the person WrestleMania was built around in its formative years. Without Hogan there may very well be no WWE today and certainly WrestleMania wouldn’t be what we now know it as. The old question is did Vince make Hogan or did Hogan make Vince? It’s like the chicken or the egg debate. All I know is that he was the right man at the right time and everything he touched turned into gold.

The timing is perfect for a Hogan return to the WWE. His contract is done with TNA and he’s available for the first time in a while. WWE has this little show coming up in a few months called WrestleMania which just happens to be the thirtieth edition of the sports-entertainment spectacular. How amazing would it be for Hulk to walk down that aisle thirty years after he started it all?

I’m not asking for a singles match. I doubt he can even do it and I’d hate to see a guy like CM Punk or Daniel Bryan carry him for ten minutes. Maybe he can do a tag match? I don’t know if The Real Americans will be together until April but that would be the perfect scenario for him. He can save a midcard babyface from Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger and then ask for the match since he IS the real American. Hell, the theme song even says so. Said babyface works the majority of the match, Hulk tags in, Hulks up, three punches, big boot and maybe if we’re lucky the legdrop. It’s all we want to see. It’ll be a great WrestleMania moment. If you don’t want to do a tag match then he can do a run-in similar to what he did at WrestleMania 21.

A lot of fans have no sympathy for Hogan. It’s well known how his ego has gotten out of control at times and how he’s leveraged certain situations into his favor without caring about anyone it effects. I get all that, but I also get that at least half of you reading this are old enough to remember Hogan in his prime and know how special he was. He deserves to say goodbye on the grand stage.

We don’t know how much time Hulk has left in this business. As I said earlier he’s sixty with an array of health issues. I’d hate to see him fade into the sunset without ever saying goodbye inside a WWE ring.

TNA can’t offer what WWE can offer Hogan. WWE is the largest wrestling promotion in the world. TNA isn’t even the largest wrestling promotion in Florida. If when Derek Jeter retires as a New York Yankee and then decides to return to baseball as a member of the Long Island Ducks, that’s the equivalent to Hulk being in TNA as opposed to WWE.

We all know of Hogan’s money struggles since the divorce. He stands to make more money in WWE. That’s another reason why it’s best for Hogan. TNA may give him a higher annual salary but with t-shirt, video game, DVD and PPV money he’ll beat that in no time. TNA just can’t compete with WWE on any level. Not to mention if this damn network ever gets off the ground Hulk could be the face of the network.

The signs have been pointing to a Hogan return in the past couple of months. WWE 2K14 probably couldn’t have been made without him. How could you do a “Thirty Years of WrestleMania” game mode without Hulk f’n Hogan? If Vince and company weren’t open to a Hogan return then they sure as hell wouldn’t have listed him as one of the choices to be voted Greatest WWE Champion at Night of Champions, a poll he won going away. Not to mention the very in character response he gave when a reporter asked him what he thought of The Real Americans.

Nostalgia is a very powerful drug. We all yearn to recapture those great moments in our past. Vince knows it, Triple H knows it and so does Hulk. Outside of Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy what other TNA wrestler gets any kind of reaction? Probably no one but Hulk. The fans that watch TNA know Hulk Hogan. They may not know Austin Aries or Samoa Joe but they know Hogan. Hogan is the single biggest star wrestling has ever seen. I’ll tell you that there have been times over the last two years that I’ve turned on TNA for the sole reason of seeing Hulk Hogan. Hogan is a very popular commodity and with the WWE machine behind what should be his farewell there’s nothing but mega bucks to be made by all.

Hulk Hogan has done too much and meant too much to wrestling to spend his last years in the business toiling in anonymity in TNA. He doesn’t deserve that and I hope he realizes that. I hope he realizes that he needs to say goodbye in front of the most people possible. He needs to let Hulkamania run wild just one last time. Do you think he really wants to retire in front of 400 people in some backwater town TNA goes to? No. That’s why he needs to go back to where it all began and let the fans adore him one last time inside the house he built. Whether it is at WrestleMania in front of 70,000 or even at a RAW in front of 15,000 he deserves to have that moment, that one last moment in the sun.

If you think this has come off as nothing more than a love letter to Hulk Hogan than maybe that was my intention. It seems as if no one ever has anything nice to say about Hogan anymore. They only want to point out the bad things, but never want to point out that they probably wouldn’t be sitting behind a keyboard talking about wrestling if it wasn’t for the red and yellow.

If Hogan stays in TNA, a little part of my childhood will die. There will never be another chance this perfect than the one about to present itself. Hogan will be best utilized under Vince’s guidance. He always has been and always will be. Eric Bischoff didn’t say no to Hulk Hogan. Dixie Carter won’t say no to Hulk Hogan, but you can bet your yellow spandex Vince has and will. There isn’t any part of me that has any doubt that WWE won’t handle one last Hogan run right. Look what they did for Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. I can only imagine the grandeur for their biggest star ever.

When it comes crashing down there’s just one thing left to do and that’s Come Home, Hulk.


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