Hello new home!  Formerly posting on TJR Sports, we have now moved to a new posting ground in the form of TJR Wrestling and we couldn't be happier.  Who are we exactly? Well we are The Last Round with Mike Durst and Mike Ayers.  This is a weekly episodic podcast that specializes in everything and anything.  We used to be just all about sports but have branched off into more of a mix of sports, wrestling, video games, pop culture, drinking and whatever else we feel like talking about.  

In fact in our last show we talked about top 5 collectible statues we wanted to own and posted our links on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LastRoundRadio. We also hit up the Battleground PPV and talked about the wonderful world of mead.

You can check out our most recent episode along with any other episode at our home base at http://www.radioinfluence.com or on ITunes under the Radio Influence banner.

I will be posting a preview for each upcoming episode every Tuesday and all our episodes go on archive on Thursday.

So check us out and be a part of our every loving loyal fan base!

-Mike Durst & Mike Ayers