I don't really have time to write full Impact reviews on top of everything else that I write, so I was thinking I could spend 5-10 minutes writing about Impact. I use the DVR to watch Impact. I watch Survivor and The Office on Thursdays as well as the NFL if there's a game on or the NBA game. Then I usually go through Impact on the DVR in about 45 minutes because if I don't do it at that time I'll forget about it on the weekend. I still haven't seen Turning Point either, which pisses me off. I need to get a hold of those last two matches at least. With that said, five thoughts on Impact...1. When I read about the Angle/Styles vs. Daniels/Wolfe main event I was excited. What we got was just a decent match that should have got about 20 minutes, but instead got about 7 minutes. I want more, damnit! Still, I like that they put Daniels over and made him a serious threat to AJ's title. Will he win the belt? Not likely, but at least now you think he could. And that's what matters.<!--more-->2. I really miss Angelina Love in the Beautiful People. I love Velvet Sky (probably my second favorite woman in wrestling to Mickie James right now) and Madison Rayne's pretty good, but Lacey Von Erich just doesn't do it for me. She's too, what's the word, amateurish? Yeah, that works. Throw in the fact that Angelina has more credibility as a wreslter and it made the group work better. Madison's a pretty good wrestler, but she doesn't have the charisma that Angelina or Velvet does.3. After Chris Jericho, Eric Young might be my favorite promo guy in the business. I don't know what it is, but when that guy talks I listen. The raspy voice is perfect for a heel too. It makes fans want to knock him out. His heel run has been tremendous. Those promos he did against Jarrett when he initially turned were probably the best in the business this year...other than Jericho. I'm such a biased Canadian, aren't I?4. The two areas where TNA destroys WWE are the tag division and the women's divisions. I like how they have actual teams that actually give a shit about winning matches every week. They really do a good job of putting the belts over. My only real gripe is that there are almost too many teams in the division, which forces to do these convoluted multiple team matches that just don't work. A simple two on two match would suffice. I like the women's division because they don't really hire the 100 pound models that look terribly fake at doing pro wrestling. They hire women that are trained wrestlers before they work for TNA (for the most part). WWE has it backwards. My favorite in-ring female? Sarita. She's very entertaining to watch.5. I'm sick of the Hogan talk already and he's not debuting for another couple of months. I really think I've had my fill of that man on a wrestling show. I promise when he debuts I'll write a full length column about it. Let's just say I'm not crazy about a guy that had a major part in killing WCW because of his selfish attitude and inability to think towards the future. I understand why TNA signed him. It doesn't mean I have to like it.That was painless. Took about 10 minutes to write. I think I can handle that weekly.