I started this last week. Five thoughts on this week's Impact, which I DVR and watch usually in about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how good the show is. I thought this week's show was just okay. It was Thanksgiving in the US and it felt like the booking team took a holiday in booking this one.<!--more-->1. They ran an eight person tournament with each individual competing for a title shot in whatever division they are in (Heavyweight, X or Tag). I think on paper it probably read like a good idea, but in execution it was just another tournament. They did manage to get seven matches out of it. Bobby Lashley won in the finals against Robert Roode winning clean with the spear. I guess this means they'll be doing Lashley vs. Styles at the next PPV since I really doubt that they'll put the world title on Daniels (more on them in another point). The booking of Lashley was weird because in his first match of the night against Abyss they had Kristal fake an ankle injury to distract Abyss when he was on the advantage, which led to the Lashley win. Huh? You're booking a babyface to win in a cheap manner? Why? He advanced in his second match after Desmond Wolfe wouldn't break an arm bar hold in the ropes. That's okay I guess since they want to protect Wolfe. In the last match against Roode, though, Lashley never sold the arm injury even though the match was twenty minutes after the second one. That's not the best way to book an emerging babyface. It's not like he's going heel.2. If Kurt Angle wasn't in TNA I think I'd stop watching. I am always excited to see him wrestle. Of course I worry about his health every time he's out there, but somehow in his 40s he still delivers the goods. He brings an importance to every match he's in. It's like a regular Kurt Angle TV match is special just because he's out there bringing out the best of his opponent.3. I'm really liking the build for Styles vs. Daniels. I think it's pretty obvious that Styles is going to retain the belt because Daniels isn't a number one heel type, but I like how they're adding fuel to the fire with some very intense promos. It feels like it's a legit beef on Daniels' part, which is different than some of the heated arguments you'll see in WWE from top guys (think of the brutal Orton/HHH feud). Their singles match is almost guaranteed to be outstanding too, which is what you always want to see in a PPV main event match.4. The Mick Foley segments where he was trying to find out who Hulk Hogan was bringing in with him were weak. I'm assuming the person they're referring to is Bischoff or maybe even Ric Flair although to this point Flair hasn't signed with TNA. I guess he could have signed already, but they're keeping it under wraps. The only highlight of these hokey segments was when Kevin Nash said: "If he brings in Knobs then I quit." I guess he's quitting because I'm sure Knobs will be coming in…unless he has to babysit Hogan's grown up kids on his bullshit TV show. Oops, there I go questioning the validity of Hogan stuff. My bad.5. I don't really have a fifth, so instead I'll post this video link and say I really miss Angelina Love: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOQ3Ies4Czc]For those that have asked, I still haven't seen Turning Point from two weeks ago. I really need to get on that. Hopefully on Saturday.That's it for the five thoughts on Impact. See ya for Talking Smack on Saturday and remember to vote on the poll here on the blog about my column next week.