Professional wrestler Chris Masters, best known for his one time appearance on season 3 of "Big Time Rush" and NOT slamming a nearly 500 pound wrestler out of the ring on the biggest show of the year (I assume), has recently said some things that might make him less popular. 

Via Miami Herald:

Former WWE superstar The Masterpiece Chris Masters says he can bench press The Big Show.

“I am pretty sure Big Show jumped for him,” referring to Cesaro slamming Big Show at Wrestlemania 30. “Not to take away anything from Cesaro. He looks like a talented worker who can probably bring his work down a little bit and his body up, but that’s just my opinion. If he slammed the Big Show, than I can probably press the Big Show.”


Also this--

Also this--

I recognize that Masters is a guy that once uprooted a tree to save his mom from a burning building so I'm not going to comment on his own lifting abilities, but if he thinks Cesaro needed any help from Big Show at all than he's f**king jealous or nuts. Probably both.

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