One thing that has been the bane of many wrestling fans is the repetitiveness of the matches, more specifically, the main event matches. For three months, we've had Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus in a program together, and it’s been quite the bore. We had this last year as well with Christian and Randy Orton, but since they had better matches, we forgive that. It's just to me, the main event scene on both brands has been stale, and always revolves around two or three guys at a time. It's a tired formula, but I think I have a solution: cutting the number of PPVs in half to six a year. 
Think about it. How awesome would it be if there was a two month build for a match that ended in one big PPV match that settled the score? I think that it would create more interest in the PPVs, and I think that there would be enough people me willing to shell out their hard earned money bi-monthly than there is now in the month-to-month formula. But that's not my department. I'm just here to try and figure out some way for interest in the product to go up. There's also a catch, I'd eliminate one of the "big four" shows in favor of a fan favorite. Say good-bye to Survivor Series and say welcome back to King of the Ring. 

When I was younger, Survivor Series was fun because if all the unique teams that they would have, plus they would have a battle royal at the end to determine who the "sole survivor" was. It was fun, but it's lost its luster. Even the name is antiquated, harking back to a time when the concept meant something. That's why I think it should change to KOTR. There could be a bracket, much like the NCAA, but with less seeds obviously, and they could do the final 16 or final 8 on the show, as well as the usual title defenses. But the KOTR must go on last. After all, it all about new talent at this point. You can have the winner get a shot at the WWE or World Title at the Royal Rumble. It could really do well to start new feuds or develop characters as well. Let's not forget, Stone Cold Steve Austin got his break after winning this event. There are so many ways you can go with this, it's ridiculous. 

But back to my original point. Too many PPVs are draining money from fans who are still loyal to the product, but are becoming more and more jaded with the direction of the company, and in that respect, become less likely to part with fifty dollars every month. The quality of shows outside Wrestlemania are up in the air, although to be fair, there have been some better PPVs this year. If WWE wanted to, they could easily scale back the number of shows a year and focus on putting on good cards. I remember as a kid, you would have the big four and that was it, so if you missed the show, chances are you missed something good. If they brought back that aspect of the shows, a lot more people would be willing to watch a Sheamus/Del Rio match without thinking it’s more of the same old, same old.

So, what would be my ideal list of shows? Well, I am glad you asked. If I was able to just put six shows a year, here’s what it would be:

January: Royal Rumble

March: Wrestlemania

May: Elimination Chamber

July: Summer Slam

September: Money in the Bank

November: King of the Ring

And just like the Royal Rumble sets up the Wrestlemania main event, I would have it so the King of the Ring winner would get a shot at the title of their choice at the Royal Rumble. I would also use the Elimination Chamber to set up Summer Slam, but it’s not that necessary. In short, PPVs would mean something again, and they would start to feel as special as they were when I was a kid. Plus, with all the time in-between, you could really focus on establishing a few solid mid-card feuds that could end up determining who will be the main event players in the coming years.

So what do you think? Do I make valid points, or am I just blowing smoke up your ass? Let me know what you think in the comments below, and please like this column on Facebook, or John is going to have my legs broken.  Or not.

That’s it for me this week. Sorry for the short article, but I have had a busy week. I will see you all for my Impact review on Sunday, and then I have Headlines with Mike on Tuesday, who should be over his “they cancelled Jersey Shore” depression. Later.


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