[caption id="attachment_4283" align="aligncenter" width="517" caption=""Watch out guys, we're dealing with a badass over here.""][/caption]Pro-wrestling is a hard industry to break into. It's a grueling business that takes way more than it gives back, and the majority of wrestlers never make it beyond working their local gymnasiums on the weekends. In order to make a real career out of pro-wrestling you need to furiously work the independent scene until you are signed by a national organization with a television deal. This takes a lot of hard work, talent, passion, and above all else, patience.Unless your dad is an executive in one of those companies. Then it's pretty easy.<!--more-->Garrett Bischoff, son of TNA Executive Producer and insufferable late 90's mouth piece Eric Bischoff, recently blessed the Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network with an interview, and gave the standard "son-of-the-boss" responses. From SE Scoops:

The feedback he has received from fans since making his in-ring debut on Impact Wrestling: “It’s been quite the roller coaster ride. It’s all happened pretty quick. It’s been exciting, I’m having fun. It’s been intense. For the most part, I’m getting a good reaction from people with a lot of support. A lot of people would have never guessed that I would have gone the route that I have chosen to go, so it’s been nice to see the reaction and support from those people.”When he knew he wanted to get into professional wrestling, what degree of pressure was put on him after he made the decision to join TNA, and the message he wants to send to those that feel he’s only a part of the company because he is Eric Bischoff’s son: “It’s something that I wanted to do, to get into the wrestling business. Obviously, I grew up around it. My father knew that, and he knew that I always wanted to be involved in it. I knew going into it that if this was we were going to do, there would be a different kind of pressure being the son of Eric Bischoff. There would be those that just assume I’m there just because I was Eric Bischoff’s son, whether it be people in the TNA ranks or the fans, or whoever. I just decided I was going to take it stride and rise above it the best I can and prove to everyone else that I’m not just there because I’m Eric Bischoff’s son.”Whether he sees himself as being ready to square off with his father if/when the time comes: “What father and son haven’t had that point in their lives where they wanted to knock each other out? I look forward to it in a way. In a way, I don’t.”
I think it takes a lot of courage to say that he's not there just because he's Eric Bischoff's son, because he absolutely is. He started as a referee, and that's fine because a lot of former wrestler's sons get into that gig. It's respectable work, and it usually doesn't elicit scorn from the guys that worked hard to get where they are. Even dudes like Randy Orton and The Rock, both 3rd generation wrestlers, had to pay their dues before they were taken seriously. But, that's not what's happening here. Garrett is being strutted around on national TV with his stupid "Bischoff" gas station tattoo on his chest, and is in an active feud with the top stable in the company. If I were a professional wrestler working on the indy scene I'd be furious, because Garrett Bischoff and his hollow chest and string-bean arms are on a nationally televised wrestling program and being pushed to the moon, while I'm trying to explain to my family why selling a weak clothesline to Big Bully Busick at my local armory in front of 40 people is a great career opportunity.

In Other News...

"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers has filed suit against WWE and the McMahons over claims that he is owed royalties for WWE using his name and likeness in some recent DVD's without his permission. In case you have been wondering why WWE has a lot of wrestlers with stupid names (Dolph Ziggler and Michael McGillicutty for example) you can blame assholes like this. (Lords Of Pain)11 Moments That Led To The Fall Of TNA is an new article at UGO, and while I think the title is a bit inaccurate (in order to have a "fall", generally I think you need to have a legitimate "rise" first) it's still a really good read. I can't believe he left off Team Pacman, though. (UGO)Jim Ross commented that Andy Leavine isn't ready for the big leagues, saying "Don't see it being eminent. Lots of work to do." I'm willing to bet old "Silent Rage" isn't taking that news very well. BTW doesn't that just sound like an awesome title for a Christmas themed horror/comedy flick? Silent Rage, starring "Silent Rage." Andy Leavine could be dressed as Santa, chasing around a bunch of kids that are running in circles trying to get away from the monster. He could spend the whole movie getting hit by paint cans and getting mocked by their snide one-liners. And what would his catchphrase be when he finally caught up with them, you ask? He wouldn't have one. He's called "Silent Rage" for a reason, dummy. (Ring Side News)The Iron Shiek is apparently in poor health, so the Millennium Wrestling Federation is urging wrestling fans to send the old curmudeon Christmas cards this holiday season to try and life his spirits. Because the best way to encourage a nasty foul-mouthed old Iranian Muslim is to send him cards that celebrate the birth of Christ. (24 Wrestling)Handsome TJR Reader L.T. sent me this photo and asked me to put it up in Headlines and I did because... first-gen Pokémon and Jean-Luc Picard are rad? I dunno. If you've ever wondered "Will AJ just put up any picture I ask him to without question?" well I guess you've got your answer.Have a great weekend, everyone.Email: johnsonator62@yahoo.comTwitter: TheAEJohnson