For those of you who are already in the know, how cool is this? 

For those of you who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, allow me to clarify. TJR friend and With Leather Managing Supervisor Brandon Stroud is making a movie. More specifically, he wrote a movie and it's being produced by Greenless Studios which is a non-profit arts service organization. They're the folks responsible for the film Summer League which had Brandon in a duck costume and a trailer with a bunch of pretty girls in it.

If you're wondering why this is relevant to a wrestling blog and/or don't read article headlines, I'm getting to that. The movie has cast Dustin Runnels (aka Goldust aka the son of the son of a plumber aka brother to Cody Rhodes who has my heart) in a supporting role, thus making it totally appropriate to talk about on a wrestling blog.

Here's the thing; the movie is currently raising funds (so they can buy stuff like cameras and blood and what not) and you can contribute, which is awesome if you like giving money to nice people to make movies that will entertain you. You can donate however much you like, but if you throw twenty-five bucks or more their way, you get rad gifts that you can flaunt in front of your friends that were jerks and paid zero dollars. They range from a DVD copy of the film all the way to a producing credit, which will get your name on IMDB and by extension tons of tail.

So go over to their website by clicking here and toss them some of your scratch, and you can even check out a teaser trailer for the film. If you're like me and find the combination of folksy indie tunes, innocuous movie titles, and bloody tree branches unsettling. It's that exact same combination that made Let Me In so freaking creepy. Even if you can only give less than the $25 gift amount, it would still be appreciated and I can assure you that Brandon will love you forever and be your friend. 

So be one of the cool kids and go give money to the arts. Come on, don't you want to be cool? 


Chris Masters will be appearing on "Good Morning America" this morning (or already did, if you're a lazy bones) to casually talk about the weather, his fondness for tank tops, and how he RIPPED A GODDAMN TREE OUT OF IT'S ROOTS TO SAVE HIS MOTHER FROM A BURNING BUILDING. You know, usual hero stuff. (Wrestle Zone)

WWE has named David Kreizman officially as their new head writer. Kreizman has been working with the company for a while, and his former credits include a lengthy run on the daytime soap opera "All My Children", so get ready for some evil twin stories. I'm looking at you Kane. Again. (Lords Of Pain)

TNA announced that from now on all of their X-Division matches will now be 3-man matches, which is probably something that won't get old at all. (Rajah)


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