TNA is something I don't blog about much, because TJR's Fozzie and With Leather's Danielle Matheson do a great job of covering everything TNA related that you could possibly need, but the most recent developments on that particular wrestling program are so monumentally horrible it bears mentioning. Mostly because one of my least favorite things to happen in professional wrestling is now set to resurface, and it's coming back with a vengeance.

First some background: last week TNA's "Icon" Sting announced that he's had enough of Aces & Eights tomfoolery and has decided to get his own group together to combat them. Since Impact Wrestling dominates my Thursday television viewing during the summer months, I immediately made me grab my hair and utter sad pleas to whatever old god that watches professional wrestling with pleas that the MEM would never see the light of day again so I wouldn't have to put up with this for the next 3 months. Those prayers went unheeded of course, leaving me a furious mess on the floor while my wife ignored me and worked on her thesis. Thursdays are very odd at our house. 

So I started to think to myself "Maybe it's a new MEM. I mean it has to be. Booker T and Nash are under WWE contracts, and Steiner is basically a Gollum at this point, I'm not even sure he can physically move. Maybe they'll do something different with it. Maybe they'll keep the old guard away completely and drop the stupid mafia allusions and just act like wrestlers who like to wrestle."

Then, ya know, this happened--

Per NoDq:

Sting revealed on last night's Impact Wrestling that the first member of his new Main Event Mafia will be Kurt Angle. 

In case you were wondering, Kurt Angle was probably the worst part of the MEM. He dominated the TV time, forced the mafia metaphore to the point that it wasn't even clever, and grew a weird bald guy horse shape pattern on his head. It was awful, and with his inclusion it looks like we might be getting more of that.

My reaction, in GIF form:

I mean, come on TNA. The MEM wasn't even Sting's best team. Have you forgotten his short-lived alliance with Robocop? Get your shit together.

Never forget: 


Matt Striker announced on Twitter that his WWE contract will not be renewed. For my reaction to this, just imagine the exact opposite of all those GIFs. (Rajah)

Natalya's marriage to Tyson Kidd will apparently air on E!'s "Total Divas". Because televised celebrity weddings usually end happily. (All Wrestling)

WWE has started airing the SummerSlam commercials, and while it's about the usual amount of ridiculous as past SummerSlam ads, I dare you to watch Team Hell No as Scout Masters and not get the happy feels. (Lords of Pain)


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