[caption id="attachment_4590" align="aligncenter" width="456" caption="Probably the greatest moment in all of their lives"][/caption]By Laurence SalfordIn the ongoing quest from the WWE to try and inject a modicum of interest into its PPV’s that aren’t called Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania, WWE has decided to bring back the sorely missed (ahem) Bragging Rights PPV format for 2012. It is replacing the hilariously named Capitol Punishment from 2011, and I don’t think anyone, anywhere, truly cares about this change.<!--more-->I know that it’s a big joke that when looking at the PPV buy rates, Vince just picks the one that has done the worst, blames the name change on the poor sales and picks a different one to drive some interest, but this does really fit the cliche. The reason Capitol Punishment didn’t do well, was because it had a poor build and some dud feuds, including R-Truth vs. Cena, and Del Riovs. Big Show, and probably the worst PPV advert of all time (it featured Obama “answering” some questions posed to him. With hilarious consequences of course).Capitol Punishment as a PPV has no gimmick, which is needed due to the amount of gimmick PPV’s that WWE currently pushes out there, but to replace it with the PPV with the worst gimmick of all time makes no sense to me. Bragging Rights as a gimmick means that a Raw vs. Smackdown tag team main event takes place, with the “winners” getting to take home this illustrious trophy:Glamorous.They then get the brag to the other show about how awesome they are at winning a tag team match that no-one cares about. The only successful gimmick that WWE has invented recently is the MITB, which has translated into a successful mainstay PPV, but alas, when Bragging Rights rolls around in 2012, WWE will half-heartedly promote it and then drop it like a sack of spuds when it sells worse than Capitol Punishment, and 2013 will see the return of some other dud title, like Cyber Sunday, Fatal 4 Way or Punjabi Prison Pandemonium.

In Other News

The Situation, who is of course everyone’s favourite Jersey Shore character, has been allegedly suggested by a member of WWE Creative to appear at Wrestlemania 28 in a “dream” face-off against Zack Ryder. Although this would be good exposure for Ryder, I would be embarrassed to be associated with liking something where anyone from Jersey Shore appears, as all people from Jersey just hump and punch each other (It’s a Jersey Thing). (SE Scoops and South Park)NXT has been slated to have another wedding, this time between Dirty Curty Johnny Curtis and Maxine. I must admit, I do love wrestling weddings, ever since the “Did somebody say three minutes?” Eric Bischoff bit from the Billy and Chuck wedding on Smackdown many moons ago. They should have the priest turn out to be Brodus Clay, where he could then destroy everyone on NXT, hippo slamming all mediocre talent in his path. (PW Pix)Randy Orton apparently has a WWE contract that ties him to the organization until the far flung year of 2019. By then, the Internet Championship will be the most prestigious belt in WWE and Bragging Rights PPV will make its illustrious fifth re-debut. (Rajah)WWE are apparently interested in Bully Ray when his TNA contract expires. I wouldn’t be against him coming to WWE, as Bully Ray seems like one of those people who can truly live their gimmick of being an absolute arsehole, and therefore be a fantastic heel. Although apparently there is no interest in Devon, probably to do with his forehead being one soft Heath Slater punch away from being busted wide open. (Rajah)