Good Morning Humanoids, I’m Lonestar Trucker and these are today’s top stories.

The WWE recently sent out a survey asking their fans…..sonofabitch the Briggs Brothers did this one yesterday, didn’t they? Ummm…..

Gene Snitksy, former WWE superstar sent out a press release……ok, no. No thank you internet, I’ll pass on that one.

Kid Kash….dammit, nobody cares about Kid Kash.


I guess this story about Seth Rollins will have to do. Gabe Sapolsky, former booker for Ring of Honor, recently wrote a blog for the Heyman Hustle website about his experiences working with Mr. Rollins. Take it away Gabe!

Rollins, then known as Tyler Black, was gaining a buzz for his team on the Midwest independent scene with Marek Brave in 2007. At the time, I was booking both Ring Of Honor and Full Impact Pro, which was based in Florida. The two Danny Daniels' students showed a lot of promise on tape. Rollins displayed tremendous athletic ability, charisma and upside.

Shut up, charisma’s objective.

Rollins and Brave jumped at the opportunity to be booked. In fact, they each showed immediate dedication and desire by making a 20 plus hour drive to the FIP event in Melbourne, FL in May of 2007.

To anyone out there that doesn’t think this is a big deal, I challenge you to drive that long for a job interview in your field. I managed 16 hours in one day once and still felt like my mind got left somewhere back in central Pennsylvania.

The show location was a run down community center in a bad part of town, and that's putting it nicely. Rollins and Brave were immediately thrown right in the fire that night against the legendary independent wrestling tag team of Jay & Mark Briscoe. This would show if they could hang with one of the best teams in the world, while at the same time giving FIP a completely fresh match.

Long story short, Brave ended up in what Gabe described as a “paralyzed state.” Not good. After Brave was loaded into an ambulance, Gabe went to look for Rollins and see how he was doing after watching his friend get seriously hurt.

I returned to the locker room and he (Rollins) was nowhere to be found. There was a door that led to an adjacent pitch black field. Someone said he had bolted out the door. I peaked my head out to witness a vision I'll never forget.

In a night of complete darkness, I saw Rollins' silhouette heaving in a lone light.

See, this is why I love the English language. I seriously thought he meant that Rollins was throwing up. I’m still not entirely convinced it wasn’t exactly what he meant.

I couldn't see anything else when something went whizzing by my head.

I started to hear yelling as several rocks were flung in our direction. Rollins was in the middle of a fight with several locals. Despite rocks being thrown at him like fastballs, he wasn't backing down. I yelled for him to get inside, and fortunately he listened and did.

We talked and then he went to the hospital to support his friend and tag team partner. Rollins ended up driving back to the Midwest with one less person in the car. Brave recovered, but his wrestling career never regained momentum. I knew after that weekend we had a winner in Rollins, a man who was loyal, fearless and talented.

And a man that possibly puked on rock throwing townies.


Kurt Angle plans to retire in three years. ( That will make him 47 when he retires which, frankly, isn’t all that old for TNA. Brother.

Dolph Ziggler was apparently supposed to get “the Ric Flair” treatment instead of the Miz. ( I guess he had to settle for having the hottest chick on the roster (OPINION) follow him around and frequently make out with him. Tough break.

Brock Lesnar is rumored to feud with top level stars Randy Orton and C M Punk next year, assuming he signs that rumored contract extension. ( I have to admit, that rumor sounds a lot better than my original idea of Brock signing and then feuding with AJ’s jean-butt and a half-eaten bag of potatos chips.

And that’s the news. John’s covering NXT this week because I had an employee holiday party last night and barely even had time to do Headlines. Oh woe is me. Expect John’s post on Saturday.