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The Hall Of Fame is a silly affair that I think gets way too much praise for essentially being a bloated pat on the back for being a person Vince McMahon doesn't hate. It is an honor for the inductees I'm sure, but for an organization that has as many Hall Of Famers as WWE does and no actual Hall that has a real postal address instead of a URL, I have a hard time taking it seriously. 

That is, unless one of the sexiest people on the planet thinks it's cool and wants to be involved with it, then I'm on board.

From Yahoo;

WWE announced today that Extra Host Maria Menounos will induct Bob Backlund into the WWE Hall of Fame. The ceremony will be held at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, April 6, 2013 as part of WrestleMania Week.​

Menounos is well known to WWE fans for being that smoking hot lady that's famous for something (being attractive, maybe?) and shows up on WWE from time to time. She even has a pinfall victory on Beth Phoenix, which would have been impressive in like 2010, so that's something. However, Maria isn't just a super fan that's super hot, she's legit real friends with the man she's inducting.

Menounos, a lifelong WWE fan, idolized Backlund while growing up and met him through partner Keven Undergaro, who as Head Writer of MTV's Singled Out, cast Backlund to guest star alongside Jenny McCarthy and Chris Hardwick. Menounos then worked with Backlund on the comedy feature, In the Land of Merry Misfits, and the two have been close ever since. Backlund was present at Menounos Miss Massachusetts USA competition and ran alongside her at the Nike Celebrity Road Race.

Most fans remember Bob Backlund as an unhinged lunatic on WWE TV, but in reality he's one of the sweetest people alive, and knowing these two are legit friends kind of makes my heart sing. I'm still not going to go to the Hall Of Fame next Saturday, because sitting next to a bunch of mouth breathers who can't stop nudging me to tell me their personal anecdotes while I'm trying to listen to Bruno talk about the good ol' days sounds like my personal version of hell, but knowing nice people are being honored by other nice people who look great in bikinis kind of makes this whole thing seem less stupid.


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