Hello my friends. Usually Andrew Johnson is the Friday Headlines guy, but he's celebrating an anniversary with his wife and also traveling, so I'm filling in for him. He won't be writing Smacking of Smackdown this week either. We have a replacement, though, so that will be covered.

For the lead story I'm going with something that was in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscriber only at F4WOnline.com) regarding Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Here it is from Dave Meltzer.

For those who think the company doesn’t see Bryan as a main eventer, right now the penciled in main event for Money in the Bank on 7/14 in Philadelphia is Cena vs. Bryan, with Bryan not being a heel, as the title match. As you should be aware, everything is subject to change. It’s pretty much a sure thing Bryan will be cheered in that match, given the city, and they are fully aware of that. The impression is they won’t try and make him a heel but that’s certainly something that can change.

I have five thoughts on this:

1. It's WWE. Plans can always change. Consider it a rumor. It's not fact. Just a rumor. Considering the source it's a rumor that could have some legitimacy, but like I said plans can change. I said twice so you don't forget it.

2. If you thought Ryback was going to win the WWE Title from John Cena, guess what? It's probably not happening. I think I can take the "probably" out of there too. I didn't think he had much of a chance anyway. They kept the WWE Title off of Cena for nearly two years and he hasn't had a successful PPV title defense with it (Extreme Rules was a draw). Ryback winning is very unlikely.

3. I like face vs. face matches. Bryan's going to be cheered loudly and Cena may not be, but that's fine. The atmosphere will be great. As long as Bryan wins matches over big names and is booked like a winner before the match the fans will believe he has a shot to win.

4. I would expect Cena to win a competitive matchup. From there, move Bryan onto somebody else like Dolph Ziggler for Summerslam. World Title feud? Yes please. I don't know if that's a plan. I'm just saying I want it to happen.

5. For the final thought this is important: DO NOT TURN DANIEL BRYAN HEEL! It's bolded for effect. He's the most popular guy in WWE right now if you listen to the reactions he gets. He was a heel last year. The tag team with Kane turned him babyface. Now it's time to let him have a chance to shine as a singles babyface wrestler that the fans can get behind. One of the biggest problems for WWE right now is they don't have enough likable, underdog type of babyfaces. Bryan is that guy. Use him wisely.

What's also noteworthy is that Bryan is dating Brie Bella while Cena is dating Nikki Bella (the one with the boob job) and in July the new WWE show "Total Divas" debuts on the E Network. The Bellas did a recent interview on The Crossover on NBCSports where they confirmed that Bryan and Cena will be on the show.

I hope that this potential Bryan vs. Cena feud doesn't revolve around their personal lives because how are you supposed to get to that point with the Bellas as heels? Plus, the Bellas are not very good on screen performers in terms of acting ability or wrestling skill.



- Speaking of Total Divas, here's a trailer of the show that premieres in July.

You can see Daniel Bryan with Brie in those clips. No sign of Cena there. I don't want to watch the show, but as a supporter of Natalya (who is featured in it a lot) I feel like I have to at least watch a little bit. "Reality TV" is generally something I try to avoid.

Did I just say in public that I might watch a "reality TV" show? Life is all downhill from here now.


- Former WWE, ECW and most recently TNA wrestler Kid Kash did an interview with KayfabeKickout.com where he talked about some random things. The most interesting part was where he said in ECW he was paid double what he was paid in TNA.

You mean TNA pays people poorly? It's true. It's damn true. A lot of people are underpaid there except this guy.



- Jack Swagger has a hand injury and could be out until August. (LordsofPain from Wrestling Observer)

I've always liked Swagger and thought his character with Zeb Colter was pretty good, but think they pushed him a little too hard. Hopefully they find something for Colter to do that involves more than cutting promos on the App during matches on Raw.


- Finally, my favorite lady in wrestling is current TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James. On Wednesday she attended the CMT Country Music Awards in Nashville. She got the walk the red carpet and attend the awards show. Here's a pic from the red carpet that is actually purple.

You can get her new country music CD "Somebody's Gonna Pay" at MickieJames.com (which I help run as well as all her social media), iTunes, Amazon, FYE, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and more. The CD is doing really well, so I'm very happy for her. She's also turned heel on Impact, which is definitely the best thing happening on that show.


That's all for me. I'll be back tomorrow (Saturday) with my new monthly column that features 20 Questions and Answers about the next WWE PPV, which is Payback next weekend. I'm waiting until after Smackdown to post it. Then on Monday I'll be back with a live Raw Deal column.

Have a great weekend.

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