To which the rest of the world says "Mean Gene's still working? Wait scratch that, Mean Gene is still alive???"

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"Mean" Gene Okerlund, who works for WWE on a limited capacity as the host of Vintage Collection and Classics On Demand programming...

WHAT? REALLY? I didn't even know those things existed.

 ...revealed in an interview with the St. Paul Pioneer Press, that he intends to work for the WWE for at least three more years. 

The most astounding thing about this to me is that not only is Mean Gene still an active WWE performer, but that someone actually had the thought "You know who would be a good interview? An old guy from the 80's with a mustache who is on a show nobody watches." That makes sense. 

"As long as I can travel," said Okerlund, who is 70-years-old. 

He's 70?! Because his mustache doesn't look a day over a 400.

Despite my love of cheesy 80's nostalgia, I've never been that big of a fan of old Mean Gene. I don't know if it's scene chewing haminess, the way he would completly avoid intelligent discussion when he moderated the roundtables on the WWE Legends show, or his total lack of self-awareness, but I've always felt he was the opposite that a WWE broadcaster should be. Then again he was forced to conduct interviews with witch doctors and giant f**king turkeys, so maybe my expectations of professionalism were a little unrealistic. 

So good luck Mean Gene. Hope your eventual (real) retirement is as wonderful and enduring as your facial hair.



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