(Apologies for the quick post, but I have a lot to do today. And no, it's not all Skyrim related.)Ever since TNA announced their partnership with Ohio Valley Wrestling I have been both optimistic and skeptical about it. On one hand it's a great move for TNA; it gives them a place where they can farm brand new talent, and OVW has a reputation for developing major future wrestling superstars. On the other hand, this is TNA, and they have a history of reputation of taking something promising and screwing it up in dramatic fashion. What I failed to realize during this whole time though was that TNA's decision to include OVW in their corporate umbrella might have been good (or bad, we'll wait and see) for them, but it was undoubtably a good thing for a struggling Ohio Valley promotion that was once the proving grounds for aspiring professional wrestlers for nearly a decade.<!--more-->
Ohio Valley Wrestling's Danny Davis told a local Louisville  newspaper that he has spent $600,000 of his own money to keep OVW alive since 2008 when WWE stopped supporting them. Apparently Davis got his first check from TNA on December 13th. We noted yesterday that the deal between TNA and OVW has not been finalized. 
This was most likely just a good faith move done by TNA to ensure the success of their partnership, but the big softy in me wants this to be a It's A Wonderful Life moment. OVW has been bleeding for years, and this deal with TNA is realistically one of the last shots this company has to stay relevant in today's changing market. This is probably just the Christmas spirit I've been infused with for the past month talking, but I really like to think that the money TNA sent to Danny Davis was more than a business move, and with the exception of a "Tribute to the Troops" show or the destruction of Xanta Claus, it's the closest thing to a Christmas miracle that we'll get in pro-wrestling.Merry Christmas OVW and Danny Davis. Enjoy this while it lasts, and before TNA rapes and pillages your crops and sends you their trash.Email: johnsonator62@yahoo.comTwitter: TheAEJohnson