I’d like to start out this edition of Headlines by telling you a story. You’re welcome to skip ahead to the next paragraph where I’ll actually discuss the headline this relates to.  It all started a few years ago when I went to Las Vegas for the first time. After visiting that gleaming beacon of light in the desert a few more times, I have learned a few truths about it. An important part of Las Vegas is to know how the nightlife scene works. You have your high end nightclubs at the top of the scene. Then come the ultralounges which are really just nightclubs with less dancing and slightly softer music but still have drink prices that will make you cry but you’ll still drink too much and then you’ll be kicked out because your friend made out with some dude’s wife and threw up all over the dance floor and then he became convinced that the cop cars he saw when you go outside are alien spaceships coming to detain him (Vegas is awesome). Then come the random themed bars. Then you have the really simple bars that are just inside of restaurants. Then you have your hotel room mini bar. Then there is a dude behind a wedding chapel who gives you shots out of the back of his 1983 Toyota Tercel. Then…there is the casino bar. The casino bar is the bar sitting in the middle of the casino floor that has some name like “Infinity” or “Exude” and it’s a total wasteland. You only go there at 7am when everything is closed and you want to either find a hooker, score drugs, or admire the vomit art that somebody has created on a table. It’s the place you go when you say to yourself “Well, I could go to bed or I could make one last bad decision.”

Apparently Thursdays are the equivalent of the casino bar for wrestling executives.

Word broke yesterday that effective July 23rd, which happens to be the 1000th episode of Raw, Monday Night Raw Supershow will be three hours long. Forever and ever. John Cena was the first one to break the news, stating:


Word quickly spread throughout several other WWE-related Twitter accounts, followed by an official announcement on WWE.com. I haven’t yet seen the USA press release, but I bet it reads something like this:


In coordination with World Wrestling Entertainment, the USA Network is proud to announce that the WWE’s flagship program, WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow, will proudly expand its time to three hours long starting on July 23rd, 2012. This date also marks the 1000th episode of the program. While we are not yet ready to reveal EVERYTHING, we can advise you that the program is being expanded to give you even more video packages than ever before. We also have learned that WWE is planning on adding twelve more matches per show, which will average at about 47 seconds a piece. You’ll be able to see all of your favorite WWE Superstars even more, as long as their name isn’t Dolph Ziggler. The USA Network will also lend various characters from other USA shows to WWE, and you can expect nothing but mediocrity from these guest appearances. You might even see a WWE Superstar mix it up with that guy who played the one guy in Covert Affairs, in which case the guy from the show or whatever will defeat the WWE Superstar, who will probably be Dolph Ziggler. Since the three hour shows are going to be the norm, “special” episodes of Raw will now be three days long, half of which will be Jimmy Snuka walking to the ring. WWE: Taking the “Sports” and “Entertainment” Out of Sports Entertainment!

Yeah, you can clearly see where I stand on this issue. If the company doesn’t use this extra hour to give the WRESTLERS time to WRESTLE, then that’s a damn shame. The midcard especially could use the help right now, as that seems to be comprised mostly of squash matches. There really is a lot of potential to do great things with this. They could have longer matches and showcase more talent. They could do things like have a weekly “NXT on Raw” match where people who don’t watch NXT online get to see some of the performers of tomorrow. Wrestlers who don’t get to talk as much could have more promo time. Lots of good things could be done. Based off of the normal three hour shows we get from WWE, I don’t see those good things happening.

Anyone remember that other Monday night wrestling show that went to three hours every week? (Lordsofpain)


In the continuation of my earlier sentiment about Thursdays being the casino bar for wrestling executives, Brooke Hogan is now in TNA and has landed some sort of role related to the Knockouts division. Apparently they’re calling her the “Executive in charge” of said division. It remains to be seen whether it’s just an on-air role or if she’s really an executive now, but the company is certainly acting as if she’ll be working behind the scenes with the Knockouts. I am absolutely terrified of this. TNA has some beautiful women, and I’m afraid that Brooke is going to touch them and they will instantly turn to plastic or plexiglass or whatever Brooke Hogan is made out of. Her father is probably going to sue me for that. (Prowrestling.net)

In other TNA news, they also announced Thursday that Impact will be going live all summer long. It will start on May 31st and will continue “throughout the summer.” This is definitely a smart move, although I can’t actually figure out why since I don’t pay attention to the company. I just saw Canton say it was smart on Twitter so I figured I’d agree with him because he lets me write rants that have nothing to do with wrestling on his website. (Prowrestling.net)

In a story that literally just came out as I was writing this article because WWE executives are now doing shrooms in Reno somewhere, it has been announced that Raw will be interactive once the three hour shows start. Vince McMahon himself said “Our new three-hour Raw represents the next generation in interactive television where our fans won't just watch the show, they will help create it." You know, at this point, I think Raw might just be three hours of fan-uploaded clips from the create-a-story or whatever it’s called from the WWE video games. Or maybe I can send in some of my old notebooks from when I was 13 years old where I wrote out full episodes of how I would book Raw and they can just show screenshots of that. (Prowrestling.net)

That was a long one. Don’t be afraid to come out of hiding and leave a comment. Tell us what you think about all this wonderful news today. As always, thanks for reading and enjoy all the other great content here at TJRWrestling.com!

Cody D.