Disclaimer: I have no issue with people of different sexual orientations or gender identities. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to that issue. What I do have an issue with are people who are complete idiots. When someone proves themselves to be an idiot, I have no issue with making jokes about them. Any comments about the subject's identity are jokes and should only be taken as jokes. I'm not a hater of people based on their identities.<!--more-->In the old television show The A-Team, a show before my time that I only have knowledge of because my friend made me a CD of television theme songs one time because we were weird, the character Hannibal used to say "I love it when a plan comes together." It was his catchphrase. I'm starting to develop a catchphrase of my own based off of this iconic line. You ready? Here goes. I love it when a bizarre Headline that involves a person of questionable gender orientation comes around and makes my job easy on Fridays. Pretty good, huh?In one of the stranger stories I've heard in my time right here, at thejohnreport.net (Foley thumbs up), a man...woman...person in Tennessee has been charged with stealing more than $50,000 from a WWE bank account. James Dewayne Nicole Bass, aka Kelly Monique, aka Timothy Battles, aka somebody who TNA will probably try to sign once he-she is out of jail, has been stealing money from WWE for a few months now. During October and November, Miss-ter Bass withdrew from the account 52 times in order to make purchases for everyday living expenses. It's unknown as to how he gained knowledge of the account number.The years haven't been kind to Shelton Benjamin's momma, have they?Is this really all that important news for WWE? Not really. It appears to be a bit of a freak incident where this person somehow found their account number and took advantage. Is it worth reporting on? Well Hell yeah, it's just another chapter in the bizarre history of the WWE.By the way, I was able to imagine a fake interview in my head interview Mr. Bass for this story. He said, "I thought if I collected enough money from them I might be able to help my favorite wrestler of all time finance his 'I'm Marty Jannetty and this is why you should love me' seminars." (Newstimes.com)IN OTHER NEWSThe Rock, ever on a mission to prove that he is a man of the people, just bought a $3.45 million home in Florida from NFL player Vernon Carey. The house comes equipped with a room full of mirrors so that he can see himself in every angle, constantly reminding himself that he is "Dwayne Johnson The Rock, The Rock Dwayne Johnson, the same man, same man, same man, Johnson Rock Dwayne Pebbles." (Prowrestling.net)Ted Dibiase is going to be out of action for several weeks after sustaining shoulder and heel injuries after a match with Jinder Mahal on Tuesday night. Even though Dibiase likely would have been relegated to dark match battle royal status for Wrestlemania, it's sad to hear that another superstar might not be able to compete at the biggest show of the year. I'm going to irrationally blame Jinder Mahal and suggest that he be forced to share a Netflix queue with Jacob Lindsey as punishment. (Love your work man! Just don't know how you do it.) (Lordsofpain.net)A photo of former Batman Adam West with the entire cast of Legends House has been released. The photo also features Ashley Roberts of the Pussycat Dolls. She is rumored to be the host of the upcoming show. Upon meeting Roberts, Hacksaw Jim Duggan probably tweeted something awesome about eating a pussycat and burping a fish taco. Go follow the man. NOW. (Lordsofpain.net)Michael Tarver is back in the news after going on a Twitter rant about Piers Morgan and some comments he made about something Kirk Cameron said and then somebody got pissed and fuck it who cares I'm still mad that the Nexus angle sucked and this is why we can't have nice things. (Prowrestling.net)That will do it for me today folks. Enjoy the weekend articles and I'll see you back here on Wednesday for the Midweek Breakdown. Thanks for reading.Cody D.CodyDFeedback@gmail.comwww.twitter.com/thegreatcody