“Former WWE Diva Kia Stevens (Kharma) revealed on Twitter this week that she was recently released by the company. Sources in WWE indicate that she had a reputation for being difficult to work with and was stubborn about different suggestions to modify her character. Another big issue was her weight. She had been training in Florida and did lose weight, but was still not where WWE wanted her to be.” Source: Rajah.com

You know……it boggles my mind sometimes, how the WWE can hire someone that clearly exists outside their general idea of what a professional wrestler is and then promptly try to force said person inside said box. Being “difficult to work with” I can believe, being “stubborn to modify her character” I almost expect but the issues with her weight? Did they even see a picture of Awesome Kong before they hired her? The size was kind of the point.

All I’m saying is that I don’t walk into a hardware store, buy a hammer and then take it home and play horseshoes with it. Speaking of women parting ways with wrestling organizations…..

Velvet Sky, who developed a rabid following courtesy of her skimpy attire and suggestive ring entrances (Lonestar: And nothing else), is gone from TNA Impact Wrestling. The wrestling starlet announced Thursday that she has been granted her release from the organization.

"I have been granted my release by TNA at this time. It's what's best for me right now and I wanted to thank TNA and all the fans for their constant support in me. Stay tuned though," she wrote on Twitter.

"And I also want to thank Vince Russo for creating and believing in the team of The Beautiful People. We had a great run! @Actualalove."

Multiple online outlets reported this week that the popular female grappler was parting ways with TNA due to a contract dispute. She had been with the organization since the inception of the Knockouts division in October 2007. Source: Lords of Pain

Oh man, so many jokes. Let’s count them:

  1. It’s sad when Hooters pays women more than TNA.
  2. It’s sad when “questionable internet wrestling” pays women more than TNA.
  3. Skimpy attire, suggestive ring entrances? I didn’t know Melina changed her stage name.
  4. 5 bucks says those boobs will be in WWE before Survivor Series.
  5. Oh wait, she’s over 30, nevermind.
  6. Are the pigeons still under contract?


The segment by segment ratings are in for WWE’s 1000th episode of Raw. Rajah.com Which segment had the biggest gain in viewership (600,000 viewers)? Why the wedding of course! Which segment had the biggest loss (900,000 viewers)? The actual wrestling match of Miz vs Christian.……try not to break something while you digest that.

Zack Ryder admitted that his storyline with Kane and Eve killed his momentum dead. Rajah.com That’s the smartest thing anyone has ever said about anything.

The Great Khali recently had surgery to remove a tumor from his pituitary gland. Prowrestling.net Is cancer funny yet? Let me check. No, still not funny. Well shucks.

Our own John Canton had an interview about raw. Here’s the link: http://www.talksport.co.uk/radio/extra-time/120726/beat-down-joe-amphlett-177402  Now perhaps Mr. Canton will return my Mr. Flufferkins as promised. Without a hair out of place, Mr. Canton, without one hair out of place!

Remember Mikey from the spirit squad? That’s him on the right with the M on his crotch. Ho Lee Shit. Where’d the muscles come from?