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We begin with a big discussion about the proposed main event for Wrestlemania 30 as it's eight months away and heaven knows the booking has been highly questionable as it relates to the McMahon Family. The latest round of innuendo finds plans on hold due to the potential unavailability of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Our favorite beer guzzler has been rumored to be returning for a one-off match more times than I can hope to count, but it appears the original plan of Austin vs. Triple H for control of the company with various McMahon representatives in their corners may be off the table. We can only hope.

In essence, this is a big hazy question mark right now, which should suit WWE's creative team perfectly as they also appear not to be sure where things are going with the McMahons. Is Triple H going to turn heel? Is Vince going to remain Crankypants? Is Linda still in a coma and/or wheelchair? Clearly the first family of wrestling plans on remaining in the spotlight all the way until WM 30, but the whos and hows have yet to be determined. I personally think God would like a rematch from Backlash 2006, but that's just me. (PW Torch)

While we're on the topic of creative direction, rest assured that TNA is following suit into Uh-Oh Ville. With the departure of Brother Love, booking is apparently running through Eric Bischoff. One can only assume that means plenty more great ideas like the Nitro Grill, Celebrity Championship Wrestling, Dennis Rodman, the KISS Demon, and ripping Mick Foley to lose viewers.

There is no doubt that Bischoff has had some notable hits as well as the misses, but it stands to reason that TNA might want to examine the past for a hint as to its future. Recruiting WWE also-rans makes you look a mite bush league in my view, and handing the creative reins in any capacity to Easy-E is something you may want to tread lightly with. EB has always had an affinity and over-reliance on celebrity, but controversy creates cash, right? Might be Monopoly money. (Rajah)

The epic quest for Jake "The Snake" to return to next year's Royal Rumble is still but a distant dream, according to recent reports. It's far too early for the WWE to really know who they are bringing in, and I would imagine that Jake's recent trip to Diamond Dallas Page's Accountability Crib has them, as well as everyone in the wrestling world, waiting to see what happens. Nobody wants a situation where someone clearly in need of treatment is on a major PPV.

Should Roberts be brought in, it would invariably be as one of the infamous "surprise entrants" rather than something advertised in advance. This year's surprises were great, but we're not too far removed from 2012's excellent Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Michael Cole additions. Let's hope this is a case of the former, shall we? (WrestlingINC)

It wouldn't be the start to the weekend without some Ric Flair news, would it? "Whoo"mor has it (Sorry!) that Flair is in negotiations with the WWE regarding him signing a brand-new deal with the company. WWE is rightly interested in Flair's promotional ability (let's face it, the man can market with the best of them) and also moving the ever-popular Flair merchandise. One can only assume that doesn't include the services of North Carolinian divorce attorneys.

Flair may be having issues with the WWE attempting to control what Slick Ric shills when he's not shilling for them, but no word on whether he has successfully negotiated no more Miz matches as part of his potential arrangement. (Rajah)

In TNA news, Main Event Mafia member Magnus has signed a brand spanking new 2-year deal with the organization. TNA has clearly been high on Magnus for quite a while, a fact evidenced in his comments following the news.

"It came down to the wire between TNA, myself, and my agent, but ultimately we came to a mutually beneficial agreement. Simply, earn your spot, and be rewarded. I can only speak for myself, but my career has steadily progressed financially throughout my entire time with the company."

Way to sling the praise, big man. Perhaps some of those next couple big checks can be cashed with a PR firm. All jokes aside, this is good news for TNA as it's a marketable talent that has performed well for them who is not headed to the competition. I'm not sure that anyone besides Mike Tenay remains employed by TNA who hasn't been in the Main Event Mafia at some point, though. Could be next month. (PW Torch)

What the heck's been going on with the Big Show? His rehab has been slower than expected and it has caused the plans to potentially change regarding his next feud. The rumor mill continues to churn regarding his teaming with newly-minted face Mark "That's What I Did Back Then" Henry to face The Shield. No sign of Show on Monday's Raw, apparently due to the fact that the shows were already in the can before he was medically cleared. Heaven knows we wouldn't want to risk a rewrite. This angle could presumably still happen as early as Monday, or they could bring Akebono back. You can guess which one this intrepid reporter is anxious for. Banzai! (Rajah)

Finally, good old JR feels that we haven't seen the last of the Rock in a WWE ring. When met with this question, Ross responded:

"Just knowing him and his competitive nature and the fact that he loves the genre, his life and his family's life in the business I would think that he would want to go out of the business under better circumstances than leaving where his last match resulted in an injury which pushed him to the sideline and didn't let him complete the match as he would loved to have done."

Holy run-on sentence, Batman! I think JR is correct here, as The Rock's last match featured that unfortunate injury that really prevented it from being as special as it could have been. Rock has been extremely successful in Hollywood and has the great advantage of being able to pick his projects, but he's always been very embracing of his wrestling background and many fans and I can't imagine we've seen the last of him in the squared circle. Maybe in that WM30 main event? Get on it, creative! (WrestlingINC)

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