The results are in for my poll. I'll be writing my column called "My 29 Favorite Moments in Wrestling History" and will be posting it this Thursday. I'm already done half of it already, so I know it'll get done on time. Here it is again along with some notes on what to expect:[polldaddy poll=2304763]Couple of notes:- It won't be just WWE. It will include stuff from other companies although it's mostly WWE.- I'll count down from 29 to 1. I think that's the best way to do it. I won't be writing that much about each thing. I'll just touch on why it was special to me as a fan.- No Chris Benoit moments. I thought about it and while there were some things he did that were favorites of mine at the time (The debut of the Radicals, Jericho & Benoit beating HHH & Austin, winning the title @ WM20) they aren't anymore.- There probably won't be any Trish or Mickie moments on here. That belongs on another list, maybe "29 Most Perverted Moments" or something. No, I won't be writing that column.The Raw Deal will be posted as usual on Tuesday. Then my 29 moments will be on Thursday.