We've got four head to head matchups. Vote how you want by picking the match that you feel is better. It's your choice. Each poll will be open for 48 hours. Please add comments in the section provided below because I think for something like this one of the benefits is that we'll be able to share our opinions with one another and hopefully grow to appreciate these matches even more than we did going in. I have comments under the matches. In the case of every match, I've written about it at some point in my writing career, so it was an easy cut and paste job for me. In some cases, I've written more about a particular match. For the sake of this column, I'll keep it at a two paragraph minimum. That's only fair. I won't be including my star ratings. I'll stick to descriptions only. I don't want to influence anybody's choice by listing my ratings. Here's the link to the graphic in case you want to see what's coming up: http://www.thejohnreport.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/greatestmatchfinal.png - Now let's get to it. <!--more-->


#1) Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin - Submission Match @ WM13 From my column about this match: I will never be tired of seeing this match nor will I ever be tired of talking about it. I will never forget Bret using the figure four around the ring post. I will never forget when Austin cracked Bret in the back with a chair. I will never forget the sight of Austin's blood dripping into his mouth. I will never forget the pop Shamrock got for pulling Bret off Austin. I will never forget the standing ovation Austin received after delivering the performance of a lifetime. Everybody involved in the match deserves a standing ovation because what they gave us on March 23, 1997 was a terrific match that I will never forget.This match had everything that is good about the wrestling business. Two great competitors, a terrific storyline, an extremely high workrate, plenty of crowd heat, one of the greatest blade jobs ever and the greatest double turn in the history of the business. VERSUS#8) Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels for the WWF Title @ WM11From my Top 20 HBK matches column written in 1999: At the time of this match I got really excited because it was the first time Shawn got to headline a PPV. Technically, this wasn't the main event thanks to the Bigelow/Taylor match that was also on the card. Even though it was not the last match, it was for the world title, which would have made it the main event under normal circumstances. Outside of Shawn's performance, the best thing about this card is that Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy are at ringside in low cut dresses. Shawn bumps his ass all over the ring for his buddy. At one point they fight outside, the ref bumps, Shawn gets Diesel back in and hits the superkick. Hebner rolls in the ring and of course it's only a two. There is a little bit of psychology here as Shawn works on his back until Diesel finishes it with a big boot and a powerbomb as the crowd pops mildly for one of the worst champions the WWF has ever had both financially and literally. The next night on Raw, Shawn gets his ass kicked by Sid and begins his first run as a babyface singles wrestler.
Wrestlemania.11 - Diesel Vs Shawn Michaels - (1 2)
Here's the poll: Best WM Match (BERZERKER): 1 vs 8pollsThe winner of that matchup will face the winner of this one.#4) The Money in the Bank Match @ WM21 (Edge, Jericho, Benoit, Christian, Kane & Benjamin)From my WM21 recap: Wow. This was awesome. They had the crowd in the palms of their hands from the moment the match started right until the end. The bumps were sick. The spots, especially Benjamin’s, were innovative. Benoit’s selling was awesome throughout the match. This was outstanding. Simply fantastic. Props to all men involved and the booking was perfect. Edge won, but it came off as cheap, so it works.This was the first MITB match and to me it’s still the best. It helps that they had the four Canadians in there to carry it, not to mention Shelton Benjamin’s ridiculous ladder spots and Kane to do the power moves.
Wrestlemania 21 Money in the Bank 2005
VERSUS#5) Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Title @ WM20From my Top 50 PPV matches from 2000-2004 column: The first five minutes of this match were pretty slow, I must say. It was an example of what WWE is trying for with this “new style” of theirs. Things picked up the moment Guerrero went rib first into the railing in a Randy Savage style bump. I liked that. It would have been nice to see Guerrero go on offense a bit more than what he did because it really came off like Guerrero wasn’t doing much. His selling was great, though, so it’s not a big gripe. It also makes sense that the Frog Splash only got two since Angle wasn’t beat down a whole lot. The finish was fun and creative. Angle was relentless in going for the Ankle Lock, Guerrero sensed that so he ended up using that to his advantage by outsmarting Angle at the end leading to the boot trick and cradle for the win. This was like a song that starts up slow, then ever so slowly gets momentum and by the end it hits the crescendo, hitting all the big notes at the right time. This wasn’t a match full of highspots or anything like that, but it was full of good straight up wrestling from two of the best.
Eddie vs angle wwe championship
Here's the poll: Best WM Match (BERZERKER): 4 vs 5answers------The bottom half of the Berzerker bracket has these two matchups.#3) Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart in a 60 minute Ironman match for the WWF Title @ WM12From my Top 20 HBK matches column written in 1999: The first thirty minutes is kind of slow until Shawn goes for the superkick, Bret slides away so Shawn leaps over the top onto Bret outside the ring in a wonderful spot. After some near pinfalls Shawn takes an insane backdrop over the top rope that could easily blow a knee out but this is Shawn Michaels so somehow he escapes unscathed. The next few minutes see Bret working over the back while solidifying his heel role by going after Jose Lothario, Shawn's mentor, a bit. The final ten minutes of this match are awesome as Michaels begins to mount the offense because we are supposed to believe that a draw would allow Bret to retain the world title. In the span of about two minutes Shawn unleashes a flurry of offense that includes a dropkick, a double axehandle, a top rope elbow and a moonsault among other things. Just as Shawn is set to come down on Bret again the Hitman puts him into the Sharpshooter as time expires which leads us to believe that the match is a draw. President Gorilla Monsoon comes down, orders the match to continue to the dismay of Bret and Shawn quickly hits the Sweet Chin Music but is too banged up from the Sharpshooter to make a cover. Great selling by Michaels there. Shawn gets up again, Bret hobbles to his feet and Shawn drills him with the superkick again as the ref counts the three for Shawn's first world title. Bret left for 7 months while Shawn went on to have a fabulous year, at least in terms of quality matches (not so much as a draw), as the world champion. As I said earlier, I fully understand why people love this match because I am one of those people. It's the one you may remember more than any other one, but it is not the best of either man's career. VERSUS #6) Edge & Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz in a Tables & Ladders Match for the WWF Tag Titles @ WM16From my Top 50 PPV matches from 2000-2004 column: At the time this match was sick in all the good ways and it still is even now. I don’t care if there’s been better ones (and there has), this one was the first triple threat team ladder match that featured some insane bumping. What I liked about it was that there was never a point where one team was really in the advantage except for that one time when it was the Dudleys. It came across as an even match with each guy getting their own chance to take control and showcase the athleticism that they had. The most memorable moment in the match was definitely Jeff’s Swanton through Bubba off the big ladder. That was magical. The thing that hurts this match is that there was probably too much standing around and setting up spots. You’ll notice the match time here is 23 minutes whereas the one they had a year later was 15 minutes, which made it a better match. This match is still damn good on its own. Here's the poll: Best WM Match (BERZERKER): 3 vs 6opinionThe winner of that matchup will face the winner of this one.#2) Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title @ WM10From my Top 20 HBK matches column written in 1999: (This is mostly play by play.) They grapple in the ring to start for a few minutes until Ramon is thrown outside where Diesel, Shawn's bodyguard at the time, clotheslines Razor on the mat. He is then told to go to the back by referee Earl Hebner to the delight of the crowd. Razor whips Shawn into the corner, Shawn does the usual cross corner flop and gets clotheslined outside the ring. Razor exposes some concrete but it does not come into play until Shawn throws him back inside. He reverses a Razor's Edge into a back shoulder toss that sends Razor to the floor onto the exposed concrete where he lands on his left knee and arm in a sweet bump. Shawn goes to get the ladder before Razor stops him. Razor goes to set up the ladder until Shawn hits a baseball slide dropkick that sees the ladder nail Razor squarely in the ribs. Man, that's such a sweet move. The next few moments are filled with ladder shots on Razor's stomach and back as that is the body part of choice for Shawn to work on. As Razor is down, Shawn climbs up, Razor reaches up and exposes his bare ass to the delight of women everywhere and probably Pat Patterson too. Shawn kicks him off and drops an elbow off of the ladder in another cool spot. Razor takes advantage using the ladder as a weapon leading to a wonderful spot that sees him slingshot Shawn into the ladder that was positioned outside the ring. After throwing the ladder onto Ramon repeatedly, Shawn delivered the superkick and a piledriver that kept Ramon down for a while. He carried the ladder over to the turnbuckle on the left side where he mounted the eight-foot ladder and came off of it for a huge splash. He climbed up again and used his own body to squash Ramon in the ribs with the help of the ladder. Shawn set up the ladder again. As he started to climb, Ramon got to his feet, came off the ropes and hit the ladder hard causing Shawn to get his leg caught in between the ropes. With Shawn incapacitated for the time being Ramon climbed up, grabbed both titles and got the victory after nearly 20 minutes of heart stopping action.Shawn did not win the match, but when all was said and done he proved to the entire wrestling world that he did have what it takes to be the best in the business. Just a kickass match that deserves all the praise it has ever received.
Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon, WM10, Part 1.
VERSUS#7) The Undertaker vs. Batista for the World Title @ WM23From my WM23 recap: In my preview I wrote that I didn't know how this one would go because Batista's been having some poor matches on a regular basis since coming back from injury. Well, he sure shut me up. Hats off to him as well as Undertaker because they really put together a very strong big man match. Remember in my preview also when I said don't finish the match on the tired "Last Ride out of the corner" spot? Well, they did that spot, but Batista kicked out of it thankfully. The Batista powerslam through the announce table was an awesome visual. I guess ECW replaces the Spanish table as the one that just doesn't belong and can afford to be broken. The finishing sequence was predictable, yet still awesome with Batista kicking out of the chokeslam, Taker kicking out the Batista Bomb and then Taker ultimately hitting the Tombstone to win. Nobody kicks out of that. They went about 16 minutes, they didn't have any slow down spots and they delivered a match about as well as they could. Huge respect to both guys for that.
Wrestlemania 23 Batista vs. Undertaker
Here's the poll: Best WM Match (BERZERKER): 2 vs 7surveysThat's it for today. The matchups for Sunday will come to us from the Al Wilson bracket. They are as follows:1. Angle/HBK 21 vs 8. Cena/HHH 222. Bret/Owen 10 vs7. Warrior/Hogan 63. TLC 17 vs6. HBK/Flair 244. Savage/Flair 8 vs5. Edge/Foley 22Just a reminder that each poll will be open for 48 hours, so these ones will close Monday at 8amET. I guess it might be 47 hours due to the time change this weekend. Oh well, two days is enough. Feel free to add your comments in below, as always. Thanks for reading, watching and voting!