Starting Saturday I'll begin the 32 Best WrestleMania Match Ever Tournament. It will be run like the NCAA hoops tourney. There will be four brackets each with 8 seeds in it. There will be 4 #1 seeds, 4 #2 seeds, 4 #3 seeds and so on until we reach 8 for each bracket. I'll post the brackets at the bottom of this message. Let's get to some rules/notes first:- The 32 matches and their seeds were decided by me. I understand that we all have different opinions on what makes a great match, which is fine. If you feel strongly about a match, write about it in the comments section and try to convince people to vote for it. - That Chris Benoit guy does exist in this tourney. He has a few matches in here. - The brackets are unofficially named after The Berzerker, Kamala, Al Wilson and Naked Mideon. Why? Because I love them, that's why. <!--more-->- I don't care what criteria you use to judge the matches. It's your call. Everybody has their own opinion on what makes a great match, so I'm not going to tell you how to vote. - If you have a question about a match wondering where it is then the answer is going to be: "I didn't think it was good enough." Trust me, I didn't forget anything. I've seen every WM multiple times. I have written about a lot of them. Nothing was forgotten. If it's not here, I felt that it not good enough. Simple as that. - Ultimately, not to sound like a jerk or anything, but I'm the one that put this together. My tourney. My rules. I hope you can respect that. I understand differing opinions on stuff. That's fine. Please do it in a respectful way, that's all. Posting ScheduleHere's the posting schedule of the matchups. Each matchup will be open for 48 hours. I can set timers on them so they automatically close. ROUND 1Sat 03/13 - Berzerker bracket 4 matchesSun 03/14 - Al Wilson bracket 4 matchesMon 03/15 - Kamala bracket 4 matchesTue 03/16 - Naked Mideon bracket 4 matchesROUND 2 - SWEET SIXTEENWed 03/17 - Berzerker bracket 2 matchesThu 03/18 - Al Wilson bracket 2 matchesFri 03/19 - Kamala bracket 2 matchesSat 03/20 - Naked Mideon bracket 2 matchesROUND 3 - ELITE EIGHTSun 03/21 - Berzerker bracket 1 match, Wilson bracket 1 matchMon 03/22 - Kamala bracket 1 match, Mideon bracket 1 matchROUND 4 - FINAL FOURWed 03/24 - Berzerker/Wilson Bracket Winners, Kamala/Mideon Bracket WinnersROUND 5 - FINALSFri 03/26 - The remaining two matches go head to head. Winner announced WrestleMania Sunday. I updated the brackets since I made this post. To view the official brackets click on this post: Greatest Mania Matches Ever.Sorry for the confusion. It's all sorted now.