Show of hands; how many people want to throw down $75 for a photo of yourself spooning a washed-up WWE Diva in a seedy motel room full of other like-minded perverts? 

Okay, everyone that has their hands raised, please get the f**k out of here. Also, use the complimentary sanitizer on your way out. Who knows where your hands have been.


Tammy "Sunny" Sytch, who generated a stir online over the summer when she announced she would be posing with fans in a bed for photo-ops at the "Legends of the Ring 17" convention in New Jersey, in October, launched her concept this past Saturday during an appearance in Los Angeles, California.

Prior to taking part in photo-ops, Sytch directed the following statement on Facebook to those who criticized her idea: 

"So Im about to take the first set of Under the Covers Photo Ops with a small bunch of lucky fans out here in LA!!! Will post some later, so all you haters can see how INNOCENT this photo op really is!!!" 

Innocent? Sure, I suspect it is. Everybody is (mostly) clothed from what I can tell, and there's no talk of a handy for an extra $25. That doesn't make it any less sleazy. 

Look, I've famously experienced the convention scene not that long ago, and I can say that I understand the desperation that comes from being a former wrestling star trying to get every dollar they can out of their fame. I watched Virgil awkwardly approach people to ask if they wanted a photo, and was extorted by Raven for $20. I understand what the bottom of the barrel looks like. At least I thought I did when I saw Terri Runnels selling her used Marlena underwear. That was pretty grody.

But this... I don't know what to make of this. Tammy is still attractive in that post-rehab kind of way, and she's always going to be a sex symbol for a certain type of fan (i.e. the type that carry around replica title belts at indie shows) so I understand why she feels the need to take every chance she can to cash-in on her sexuality. But getting in bed with creeps for pictures is like two steps removed from full-fledged prostitution. One of those steps is stripping, and the other is becoming Chyna.

I will say I'd love to follow up with the non-single men who paid for a photo (if there are any), if only to hear how they awkwardly explained why the money for the water bill was blown on not-sex with Tammy Lynn Sytch. 


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