So Boiling Point 2012 is in the books! As I previously expected, nothing amazing happened storyline-wise, but we had a night of some solid wrestling, as the show started with a bang and ended with two bangs! More on that, plus a quick review of last weekend's ROH show.

First off, the venue was right in the middle of downtown Providence, a short walk away from the big shopping mall and all the restaurants. Aside from Manhattan, this was the best surrounding area for an ROH show that I've ever seen. Eat your heart out, Edison, NJ.

Roderick Strong vs. Mike Mondo

I said last week that Strong vs. Mondo had the chance to steal the show, and I was right. This was one of the best matches of the night. These two went at it full-bore, with Mondo scratching up Roddy's nose, dripping blood down his face. Mondo gave just as good as he got with the chop battle. I actually thought Mondo would pull out the win, but Roddy was just as deserving of the W, and Mondo got a well-deserved standing ovation after the match. I would consider this a ***1/4 match.
Winner: Roderick Strong

Matt Taven vs. QT Marshall vs. Vinny Marseglia vs. Antonio Thomas

Did I tell you QT Marshall would win, or didn't I? This was a good choice because I wasn't really on for the predictions of the other matches. Anyway, Antonio Thomas didn't really do anything to impress, and Vinny got over because he was billed from Providence. The real stars were Taven and Marshall, especially Taven. Obviously Taven would have gotten the ROH contract had he not gotten picked up by WWE (or so the rumor goes). Marhsall needs some mic time to get over, but he certainly has the look. The match was about **1/2
Winner: QT Marshall

Adam Cole vs. Brutal Bob

I hated this match. Nothing about the actual match itself was anything wrong. But the fact that they gave Brutal Bob, an older part-time wrestler but full-time manager, the majority of the offense in the match was absolutely the wrong move. Bob got over in Providence, and that's not good news for Cole, who is pegged to be the future of the company. This essentially should have been a bit of a comedy match, with Cole schooling Bob, not the other way around. Cole looked extremely weak, even with the victory, and lost some serious momentum. I honestly don't know what ROH was thinking with this. ** match.
Winner: Adam Cole

Before the next match, the House of Truth came out for an interview. Truth Martini screwed up by saying that the next Pay Per View was in Toronto when it was really in Chicago. The PPV AFTER is in Toronto. So the crowd was really confused because they didn't know what these guys were talking about. Apparently, Rhyno gets a title shot in Chicago, Elgin gets a title shot in Toronto, and Roderick Strong is on strike from the House of Truth.

Michael Elgin vs. Charlie Haas

Haas came out and got face to face with a fan. Well, that fan was me. The match was on par with their Death Before Dishonor IX match, but didn't really expand on anything they did back in NYC. The match, believe it or not, revolved around beer. Roderick Strong came to ringside with a case of beer, and the beer got involved in the match, with Strong pouring it on Charlie Haas to wake him up, Elgin knocking Strong over and drinking the beer to a pop from the crowd, and Martini getting sprayed with beer. Strong distracted Elgin which allowed Haas to get the pin. **3/4 match.
Winner: Charlie Haas

The Briscoes vs. Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs

So there was a scary (although not really) incident with Steve Corino and my wife. During the match, Corino broke up a pin by grabbing the ref, so I yelled up at Corino on the apron, "Hands off the ref!" He turned back at me and yelled, "You shut your mouth! My hands will be on your girl after the match!" Well apparently, my wife didn't get the memo that it was part of the show, so she was legitimately upset with me and wouldn't let me heckle Corino for the rest of the match. She's so innocent! Anyway, the Briscoes won. **1/2
Winners: The Briscoes

2 out of 3 Falls: Jay Lethal vs. Tomasso Ciampa

Ciampa really hurt his knee at the beginning of the match, and I was seriously worried how they were going to go through a 2 out of 3 falls match, and my fears began to be valid when Lethal picked up the first fall quite quickly. But Ciampa was a warrior and powered through a seriously long match. He got a standing ovation after the match. Robert Evans has the funniest facial expressions, and was a seriously entertaining part of the match, especially when Lethal gave him a tope on the outside. ***
Winner: Jay Lethal

Mike Bennett and Maria vs. Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Ray

As I expected, Bennett did the brunt of the work for his team throughout the match, wrestling both Edwards AND Del Ray. Maria certainly enhanced the story of the match, and got some serious heat whenever she got physically involved. At the end, Maria snuck under the ring, and Del Ray followed her, emerging with Maria's clothes! This distraction allowed Edwards to lock in the heel hook and get Bennett to tap out. There were some homages to Lance Storm with both Edwards and Bennett locking in the half crab. ***1/4
Winners: Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Ray

After the match, Del Ray got a nice hand as she's going to WWE.

ROH World Championship: Kevin Steen (c) vs. Eddie Kingston

Early in the match, Steen powerbombed Kingston through a table on the outside, but the table was upside down, so Kingston went through the folded legs. It looked like a legitimate injury, as Steen was whispering to the referee "It's his back." But Kingston finished the match after Steen taunted him on the mic saying that Larry Sweeney (who he dedicated the match to) thinks he's a pussy. Anyway, this was a brutal brawl, and Steen picked up the win with the F-Cinq through some chairs. ***3/4
Winner, and STILL ROH World Champion: Kevin Steen!

After the match, Steen was chatting with some fans right in front of me, and he tries to kiss one. The guy pushes him away, and he smacks the fan right in the face, then smacks another fan who was heckling him all night. Now, it looked like a work, because both guys fell backward like they were taking a bump, and laid down there for a while. But the second guy was bleeding, shaking, and blubbering. If he's a plant, he's a REALLY good actor!

Final Thoughts on Boiling Point

The show was very solid, akin to the Tenth Anniversary Show, but it didn't have that epic match like the main event of 10YA. The opener, the 2 out of 3 falls match, the mixed tag, and the main event were the best matches, and nothing aside from Cole and Brutal Bob was that bad. It was definitely worth the money.
Score: 8.5

As for last week's ROH, Kyle O'Reilly beat Matt Taven in a competitive match, Rhyno squashed some poor guy, the Bravados upset Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin, as the dissension between Elgin and Strong continued, and Jay Lethal and the All Night Express beat Kevin Steen, Steve Corino, and Jimmy Jacobs in the main event. The opener was solid, and the main event was really fun. I give the show a 7.5. 

Next week, Steen defends the ROH World Title against Homicide as the next set of tapings begin airing! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @PocketSeagull!

Enjoy the 7/21 episode of ROH with Kevin Steen defending the ROH World Championship against Mike Mondo.