I really don't know what to say anymore. I wanted to write this column to get more people interesting in Ring of Honor, a company I have followed and supported for eight years now. I reviewed the TV show, and pimped the hell out of the iPPVs and DVDs (speaking of which, have you seen the new KENTA set? So many ****+ matches on there!). But all of my shilling is for naught if ROH doesn't follow through and deliver.

I'm sure everybody knows by now what happened last weekend with the Border Wars iPPV. For those that don't, apparently 2,000 people bought the show, and nearly all tried to log in at the same time, crashing the server for the second time in a week (the first was when ROH put up a CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson match from 2004 for free). Fans missed a large portion or even all of the show because of the problems.

To ROH's credit, they have offered everybody who ordered the show one of two options: either take a full refund, or watch the next iPPV, Best in the World 2012, for free. Honestly, I can't make any guarantees that Best in the World will even work. It'll be a good show, as Border Wars was (one of the best in ROH history and easily the show of the year, as I predicted it would be), and if it doesn't work live you can always watch the replay, like I did with Border Wars. But I don't blame you for being fed up. I'm fed up as well.

ROH wants to take the next step and start playing with the big boys. COO Joe Koff has stated that their shows have drawn in more viewers than TNA in some markets. But if you're going to go this route, you have to have the hardware to back it up. ROH has become a victim of its own success. Had 1,000 people bought Border Wars instead of 2,000, those 1,000 fans would have likely seen the entire show live.

I was going to take a hiatus from this column for a month regardless. I'm moving this week, getting married next week, and going on my honeymoon for 10 days in June, so I will be gone for a month. I've asked other TJR staffers to step in and take over the column for me, but didn't get any takers. So there will be no Honor Roll until the end of June (after the Best in the World Pay Per View). But I'm really begining to wonder if I even should come back and write about Ring of Honor anymore. It matters to me that you read my column and take what I have to say to heart. If anybody out there bought Border Wars on my recommendation and didn't get to see the show live, I sincerely apologize. I figure ROH would have gotten the kinks out after Showdown in the Sun, but apparently that didn't happen.

Before I go, I want to say that I feel horrible for Kevin Steen. Saturday night was supposed to be his moment. This was the moment ROH was building to for nearly a year. This was the money match. This was probably the match that convinced people to buy the show. Steen won the belt (phew) in a stellar match with a molten hot Canadian crowd behind him, and the show ended with the reveal that Steve Corino had been in on it all along (as I predicted AGAIN), but the only thing people could talk about on Sunday was the technical issues. Kevin deserves better than this.

Seriously though, let me know either in the comments section below or on Twitter @PocketSeagull if you'd like me to continue this column. I don't want to make my readers drop their hard-earned money on a product that isn't going to work for them, becuase I would (and do) feel responsible.

Take care, all, and I'll see you in a month (hopefully).