Honor Roll: Ring of Honor 12/05/11By Matt SeagullSimply put, you have to watch this week’s episode.I’ve made no secret that Kevin Steen is the best thing that’s going on in Ring of Honor. In fact, I wrote about it at length a couple weeks ago. Well, finally, Steen has returned to a ROH ring. Rather than describe it to you with words in text, you all should see it for yourself.<!--more-->Click this link and watch the video.As ROH is first and foremost a wrestling company, it’s extremely refreshing to see some soap opera antics going on. Long story short, Steve Corino made a suggestion to Jim Cornette to have it be Steen vs. Corino at Final Battle 2011, and if Steen wins, he’s reinstated in Ring of Honor. And to make things more intriguing, Jimmy Jacobs is the guest referee. And Steen has demanded that Jim Cornette be at ringside for the match. Obviously, it’s not hard to call that Corino and Jacobs will swerve ROH and lose intentionally (either after a full match or by fingerpoke of doom). While the climax isn’t really that unpredictable, the build to the climax has been tremendous.Think about this…after Steen lost his career at Final Battle 2010, the plan was put in motion to bring him back into ROH. Steve Corino immediately went on this, “I’m Steve Corino, and I’m an evil person” route the very first show of 2011. It took him months to earn ROH’s trust to the point where he’d be able to make this suggestion to Jim Cornette and Cornette would be willing to listen. Corino has played his part beautifully in this. I’ll be at the show live, and I’m fairly sure the roof will blow off the place when the plan finally comes to fruition. Just because something is predictable, doesn’t mean it’s not awesome.Anyway, to the rest of the show…Match 1: Tomasso Ciampa vs. Shiloh JonzeBefore the match, there’s another vignette on Ciampa where he talks about “training against himself.” So Mr. Jonze is in deep trouble here. Shiloh actually got a pretty decent reaction in OVW country. The match was your typical squash, but there were a couple interesting moments in the match.Memorable Moment 1: When trading strikes, Ciampa hits Jonze with an overhead chop that sounded like a gunshot going off, and Nigel even called it as such on commentary.Memorable Moment 2: The multiple running knees in the corner that sets up the Project Ciampa finisher. Jonze did a great job selling Ciampa’s knees, looking like he was getting killed.I give the match 1/2*. I’d like to see better competition for Ciampa, but the undefeated streak is definitely getting him over.Winner: Tomasso CiampaBriscoes/ANX InterviewThe Briscoes ramble about the WGTT chasing them out of the building with steel chairs, talking about bringing the belts back to Sandy Fork, by God, Delaware.ANX talk about getting overlooked by WGTT, and how they’ll have a Proving Ground match against Haas and Benjamin next week. That should be a great match.I spoke about the Steen segment in depth before. Needless to say, it’s an absolute must see. The pop that Steen got when he came out was amazing as well.Inside ROH with……the Television Title situation. They relived the final minute of the TV title match with Lethal vs. Generico when Mike Bennett got involved, and announced for Final Battle is Lethal vs. Generico vs. Bennett, as I suspected last week. Here’s hoping it doesn’t go to a time limit draw. Interestingly enough, Bennett got his wish and Todd Sinclair will not referee that match.Eddie Edwards and Dan Severn talk about great trilogies throughout fighting history. Eddie mentions Ali/Frazier. Severn talks about how he and Ken Shamrock split two matches against each other, but they never found out who the better man was, because there was no rubber match.Davey Richards wouldn’t let cameras into his training sessions, but he talks about how he doesn’t know how to prepare for Eddie this time, because he doesn’t know who Eddie is anymore. Kyle O’Reilly mentions that Eddie has a dark side.Roderick Strong is back in Camp Strong with his ladies. He has this really funny line about Richards vs. Edwards, saying that he already has his plane ticket, and he’ll be at Final Battle, and if the match isn’t the greatest match of all time, if somebody doesn’t DIE, he’ll come down to the ring and kick them both in the nuts and ask for a refund for his plane ticket. All of a sudden, Roddy Strong has been the funniest guy in ROH.Main Event: Young Bucks vs. Future ShockI saw this match live at the Best in the World Pay Per View back in June. These two teams know how to put on a good show. This match was better than the match I saw live, because there was no definitive winner back in June.Memorable Moment 1: Adam Cole does a wheelbarrow suplex on the outside, and Nick Jackson’s back gets smashed against the ring apron.Memorable Moment 2: Kyle O’Reilly does rolling Northern Lights Suplexes on Matt Jackson, then lets go and immediately hits the rolling Northern Lights Suplexes on Nick.Memorable Moment 3: O’Reilly has a front chancellery on Matt Jackson, and Nick keeps trying to beat on O’Reilly, but Kyle won’t let go. He spits at Nick.This was a really good match, one of the better matches I’ve seen on this show over the past few weeks. ***1/2Winners: The Young BucksFinal ThoughtsNeedless to say, this is the best ROH show I’ve seen since it began in September. The Steen segment already makes it must see, but the fantastic main event, Roderick Strong’s hilarity, and the build toward the three big title matches at Final Battle makes this THE show to watch if you’re interested in ROH. Get the General Admission account on ROHWrestling.com and watch this show on Thursday…find the show on Dailymotion, do SOMETHING to watch this show if you want the best of ROH.Score: 9In other news, ROH had their two shows in the Carolinas over the past weekend, and as I suspected, the main event of the Greensboro show went over an hour…it went 80 minutes to be exact, making it the longest match in ROH history. And this match will be aired on ROH television in early 2012! Obviously they’re going to have to cut it short to fit TV time restraints, but the full match will be shown in its entirety on DVD. I think it’s awesome that they’re showing this match on TV. I can’t wait to review it.Remember to follow me on Twitter @PocketSeagull and let me know what you thought of this show, and Steen’s segment in particular. Or just leave a comment below!