I was all set to do a big write up on how much I’m loving Jack Swagger since his demeanor change, attitude change, and character change (with help from his new friend Zeb Colter).

I still will discuss his character, but with the breaking news from Wednesday on TMZ that saw Jack Swagger being arrested after SmackDown Tuesday night for speeding, DUI, and possession of weed, it just hampers my work…and his.

Swagger came back after several months off and immediately inserted himself into the SmackDown title picture.  This comes after what seemed like a year of basically being a lapdog, a midcard junkie, and someone that got paired with Ziggler and Vickie Gurerrero to try and give his character a boost.  Nothing was working for him, and his run as a World Champion seemed to be a complete fluke, given to someone who did not deserve it or use it to their advantage.

But when he came back after his hiatus (he DOES have a smoking hot wife who gave birth to their first child last year), he seemed eager to make a name for himself.  He came back bigger, but not like “roid” big.  He just looked like he packed on some muscle.  He had his hair grown out, and a mainly beard.  He attacked in the ring with a fury we had not seen.  Previously, I thought Swagger always wrestled like…well, a wrestler.  He tried to move a lot like Kurt Angle but doesn’t have the pizzazz that Angle does.  Or, Swagger would do power moves (like his Vader splash) but he is not “big” enough to make those moves look devastating.

But coming out of the gate, this new Swagger was hitting hard, not letting up, and just giving the notion that he is angry, mean, and strong.  The extra size helped this overall look.  But would his old character work too?  No, and that’s where Zeb Colter came into play.

Zeb Colter, aka Uncle Zeb, aka Dirty Dutch is a long time wrestling manager and wrestler, who has ties with WCW, WWE, and TNA, as well as a storied history with Jerry Lawler at Mid-South in Memphis.  He’s a legit Vietnam War vet, and has been reborn into a xenophobic asshat that is Jack Swagger’s uncle.  In just a few short weeks, Zeb has done something that Vickie or that damn bald eagle mascot could not do:  Help make Jack Swagger interesting.  In just a couple weeks, Zeb started to gather heat for Swagger by destroying America’s values, destroying immigrants, and basically sounding like an absurd southern redneck.

It’s a very hot button topic in today’s society, and it shows.  This “We the People” ideology actually exists and is supported by a few groups, which is why the character is working well so far.  It’s a current issue.

On top of that, the media is making it even better.  It seems the far left or far right nut jobs tend to forget that Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are characters on a TV show.  Several news outlets have picked up different varieties of stories on how Swagger and Colter are tearing down the tea party and are a horrible thing to have on TV.  Other reports basically are mocking those tea party supporters who think a) that these characters are real, or b) they are attacking any type of group.  The fact that the news started to respond to Swagger and Colter so quickly just shows how much of a hot-button issue that these two have hit on.

So going forward, it WAS looking like Swagger and Colter had found a niche to hit on and a perfect first victim in Alberto Del Rio.  After Del Rio, Swagger could switch up his “position” on topics to better serve his current feud.  He would basically be playing up and old school foreign “we hate the US” type character, but hating on the US while being an American.  Quite genius.

However, that genius has gone to the way side this week after Donald Jacob Hagar was arrested late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning for littering and….littering and…smoking the reefer.

If not for the possession part, I could ALMOST see this turning into part of his storyline.  But Swagger may have screwed himself here.  My views on the marijuana aside (I don’t do it, but I’m okay with it…I hate cigarette smokers MUCH more), the fact that the media once again picked up on this story (Swagger’s a popular guy) means the WWE is kind of forced into disciplining him.

So where does this leave his monster push?  Is there even a chance they let it slide until after WrestleMania?  I highly doubt that.  Either that or they have him lose quickly at WM.

For once I’d love for the company to find a way to punish him AND not make him lose his momentum.  Have him lose his spot to someone somehow, and go apeshit on the set or attack some people and get “suspended” by King Bookah.  But make his suspension mean something.  And then they could have Zeb Colter continue to show up on behalf of Swagger, like Paul Heyman did without Brock Lesnar.

Swagger was starting to get on a roll, and had a huge opportunity to be one of the top 2 or 3 heels on SmackDown.  But then he got high.

Sadly, as much as I was looking forward to seeing where his character would go over the next few months, I’m now just as much interested to see how they punish him.  Could an 18 second loss at WrestleMania, ala Daniel Bryan, be in the future?

I still think his character has a ton of potential, just like he does.  I’ve always been a fan of the Okie native.  He could not have picked a worse time to potentially screw up everything he and the WWE have built for him.

What are your thoughts on Swagger?  Yay or nay on his new character?  Are you old enough to remember Dutch Mantell (apparently Cole and Lawler aren’t)?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Until next time, kids…try and remember to not bring a bag of weed with you when you are stoned and speeding.  That’s called “French frying when you should have pizza’d”.  You are going to have a bad time.