As you may or may not of noticed, I have been absent. An unbelievably stressful year of teaching will do that to you. Hey, why not do ten new programs at once? But my WWE column absence goes farther then that. I was frustrated.

I was frustrated by three straight lackluster pay-per-views. I was angry that Daniel Bryan was called “not worthy of the main event” and was proven so for months without overcoming the odds. I was angered by a lack of progress with storylines and the feeling that nothing would ever really change. I got sick of Triple H’s lengthy promos. If you mix these feelings together with a true lack of time to actually watch wrestling then you can see why my interest in the product started to wane.

At this low point in my fandom, I remembered why I became a fan in the first place; it is fun. It is an escape from the daily stress in our lives. I shouldn’t get so worked up if my favorite doesn’t get the praise I think they deserve; such is life. I would focus on the positive aspects and use the WWE for the escape it should always be.

Since I was trying to look on the “bright side of life”, I wanted to look at things I really enjoy in the WWE. I know I am not the first to do so in columnist history but we should all take a moment to be positive every once and a while. Here is my list of  the things I love in the current WWE:


Great Tag Team Wrestling

I don’t think we will get back to the grand old days of tag team wrestling, but it is at a quite impressive point at this moment in the WWE. We have had a series of spectacular matches between The Shield, The Real Americans, The Usos and The Rhodes Brothers.

Any combination of those four teams could and has been classic matches recently. In fact, these four teams have been involved in some of the best matches of the last few pay-per-views. If you add to the mix the quality teams like The Wyatt Family, Los Matadores and the Prime Time Players, you have some of the best tag team wrestling since the Attitude Era.


The Cesaro Swing

Even this gif from the WWE makes me dizzy. I don’t know quite how Cesaro does it without being dizzy himself, but I love watching this move every time. The crowd is starting to appreciate this very talented wrestler too.


Luke Harper

This past week, Harper wrestled on all four of the major shows (Raw, Smackdown, Main Event and NXT) and was quite impressive in all of them. Bray Wyatt gets a lot of credit for his wonderful character but Harper is showing himself to be a real talent. He has the crazy look and the natural wrestling talent to fit his character perfectly.


Erick Rowan’s Sheep Mask

It is just plain creepy. I love when he wrestles with the mask on. I know I plan to get one at the Smackdown I will attend this December. It seems like the perfect way to scare family and friends.


AJ Lee

Well I have mentioned my “celebrity crush” that is AJ Lee.  She will always be one of my favorite parts of WWE programming. Besides she constantly puts on the best matches in the Divas division that we have seen in recent years. If only she had a good variety of quality opponents to work with.


Corporate Kane

Kane has sure gone through a lot of transformations over the years. I can’t think of a wrestler who has shifted his loyalties as much as Kane. But he has been near the top of the card since 1997. He is a talented wrestler and deserves another transformation. Besides, the idea of seeing Kane as a corporate suit will entertain me to no end. He certainly has the mic skills to be the perfect corporate stooge.


Roman Reigns’ Slow Transformation to Good Guy

Roman Reigns was the Shield member who was the least known before his arrival last November. However, he is constantly impressive and the crowd reaction to him wanting to take out three wrestlers by himself recently shows the fans are getting behind him. He could be that impressive monster that Ryback has so far failed to be.

Remember I did say slow transformation. Much like Batista back in the day, I think it is the slow break-up from the Shield that will serve him and the rest of the group best. Keep this great slow build to stardom.


John Cena calling Jack Swagger “Biff Tannen”

Because it is true Swagger really does look like him our favorite Back to the Future villain.  I thank Cena for finally bringing up this well-known joke of the Internet. This comes at the time when Swagger is getting increased attention and he is likely involved in his best wrestling of his career.


Stephanie McMahon is Evil

I will never be rid of McMahon Family, so I might as well enjoy her best character work of her career. That picture above says it all. She has been picture perfect at emotionally ripping superstars apart. Now how is she going to get her comeuppance? It brings me joy to see how each week.


Big E. Langston as a Good Guy

Big E Langston is a future star. He is a talented wrestler and quite funny in the few times he has been given true promo time.  His Twitter account is the must follow of the WWE superstars. So when he decided to help CM Punk on a recent Smackdown, I was thrilled. Judging by the crowd reaction then and recently after his match with Orton, I think the crowd agrees with me. He has the needed tools to move up the WWE ladder right now.



I certainly left out a lot of things to love in the WWE.  I still believe they have an incredibility talented young roster. A lot of wrestlers who just need the chance to shine. As we move from a less then successful early fall into the holiday season, I am thankful for having the WWE in my life and will try to remember it in my stressful days to come.


Feel free to contact me at  Additionally, I added a Twitter account, @WWELasher as well. I would love to hear your thoughts about what you love about the current product.