Let’s Talk About ThingsBy Cody DodsonIt’s one of those days where there are several different topics that I wish to discuss. Rather than choose one, today’s column will contain a variety of different items of discussion, most of them coming from Raw. I’m not here to do a review as that’s not my job, but I noticed a few points that I thought were interesting. I won’t waste any time, so let’s get to it!John Cena’s reduced role <!--more-->It feels bizarre to see John Cena anywhere except for the WWE Championship scene.  I have to say that it is a very refreshing change of pace. Cena has reached the point in his career where it won’t be a detriment for him to step back and let some of the other guys carry the title scene for a while. He will always be a fixture on Raw as long as he remains with the company, there’s no doubt about that. It’s been nice to see him in other roles though. Hell, his sole purpose this week was to help Zack Ryder get over. Last week, his appearance in Piper’s Pit was his only segment on the entire show. He doesn’t have a match for the TLC event, and there’s only one Raw left before the show. Could it be that the creative team is finally starting to think ahead to the future? Cena still has quite a bit of gas in the tank and I predict he will be around for years to come, but they have to know that he can only be in the championship picture for so long. It seems like they’re trying to test out other roles for him and see how other superstars can carry the title scene. The ratings have been going down, so I don’t know how long this will last before WWE panics and throws the title back on Cena, but it’s certainly a breath of fresh air while it’s happening. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cena finds a way to get into the title match at TLC. It’s not like he won’t have a match at the show, and I’m not sure who else he would face. The other interesting thing to come out of all of this is the angle of whether the boos are getting to him or not. They’ve always acknowledged the fact that he gets a split reaction, but this is the first time I can remember where it’s really been brought into a storyline. I have no idea where it’s going, and it could turn out to be nothing. However, it could turn out to be something really interesting depending on whether they want to take a risk or not. Regardless of what the result is, the journey should be very interesting. Cena is actually one of the more interesting characters on Raw as a result of the things I’ve written, and that’s something I never thought I’d say. Let’s hope it stays that way.John Laurinaitis isn’t that badYeah, I said it. For weeks, people have been talking about how much the interim GM sucks on the microphone. I’ve agreed with these proclamations to a point. This week on Raw was different. I think he is starting to get the hang of being a performer. He’s been getting heat since he came on screen, but most of that was “go away” heat, “you suck” heat, or as I like to call it, X-Pac heat. I personally am starting to come around to him. He still comes across as wooden on the mic, but it works for him. He’s making a character out of it. The repeating of his name and complete title each time he enters an arena has the potential to become his version of Vickie Guerrero’s “EXCUSE ME!” You know what else? The dude is actually pretty funny. He consistently makes me laugh with some of the bizarre things that come out of his mouth. “You are out of line!” “Don’t make me take off my jacket!” I laughed out loud this week when he stopped the contract signing to look at his own camera and wish John Morrison the best in his future endeavors. I already deleted the show off of my DVR but if I recall correctly, it also got a genuine laugh out of one of the announcers. I’m not saying the guy is a fantastic performer or that he is going to become the best GM in history. However, he is coming into his own as a character and as a performer. Being wooden on the mic, his goofy one-liners, that ridiculous voice, it all works for him somehow. That said, I still hope Mick Foley becomes the GM sooner rather than later.I don’t know what to think about TLCTLC is less than two weeks away at this point. I will be attending the show live in Baltimore. Currently, I’m not sure how excited I should be. I have never seen a ladder match live, which is the main reason I decided to get tickets. I’m very much looking forward to the WWE Championship match, which should be very good at its worst. The rest of the card is somewhat underwhelming for me. I’m not very excited about seeing another Big Show vs. Mark Henry match, especially live. I think their matches come across better on television. The chairs stipulation, assuming they add that, was always stupid to me. Usually chairs are legal in any kind of stipulation match, so why have chairs as a dedicated stipulation? I’d rather see them in a Tables match where they beat one another with chairs before attempting to smash each other through a table. I like the Ziggler vs. Ryder match, as it will hopefully mean an elevation up the card for both guys. The match itself should be pretty good as well, regardless of what kind of match it is. The match that I absolutely despise is Triple H vs. Kevin Nash. Who thought a ladder match between these two was a good idea? One or both of them are going to tear every muscle in both legs just by climbing a ladder. I get the feeling that they know the feud has been a failure and are just trying to get the match out of the way, which I appreciate. I just hate that it’s taking place at a show I’m attending live. The other match that somewhat irks me is Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T, assuming that happens. I’m a huge fan of Rhodes and I like Booker both as an announcer and as a wrestler. However, this feels like a TV feud for me. The fact that Booker is wrestling, as well as Triple H and Nash, also means that some of the full-time guys don’t get a spot on the card. Currently, guys like Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, and the tag team champions won’t be on the show, and that feels wrong to me.Del Rio is beyond boring at this pointIs there anyone that has had a bigger fall on the microphone than Alberto Del Rio? He started his WWE career with so much potential and promise, and lately he’s just been horrendously boring, as CM Punk has been so kind to point out. Maybe it’s just that he has been shown up by working with someone as good as Punk on the mic, but it feels like he is just coming out and saying the same exact thing every week. His facial expressions are still top notch, but he lacks any sort of emotion or intensity. I’m a supporter of the guy because I’ve seen what he’s capable of, but he’s quickly losing whatever steam he had left.Give us CM Punk vs. The Miz I really want to see these two in a one-on-one feud, and I think we’re going to be lucky enough to see that in the coming months. I don’t know if it’s a money feud for Mania, but I think we could definitely get it at Royal Rumble. They have decent chemistry in the ring, but it’s the promos between them that I would really like to see. Punk’s the best in the world, especially on the mic. The Miz is a very good talker as well, and I’m excited to see where his newfound intensity takes him. These two could have a fantastic feud to kick start the new year if they are given the time to do so. For it to be successful, The Miz has to be booked perfectly. He needs to be booked in a way that overcomes the past few months of being booked like a lower midcarder. He and R-Truth were very entertaining, don’t get me wrong. The problem wasn’t with them; it was the fact that they lost just about every encounter with Cena and The Rock. They never looked like a credible threat. The Miz needs to look like the threat that he used to be. If they can do that once again, a feud with Punk would be great.Alright folks, that will do it for me this week. Tell me what you think about some of the topics I’ve mentioned. How do you like Cena’s role lately and where do you think it’s going? Is Laurinaitis becoming bearable? How do you feel about TLC? Leave a comment or contact me via email or twitter. I will have some special columns coming up to celebrate the end of 2011. Stay tuned. As always, thanks for reading.Cody D.CodyDFeedback@gmail.comwww.twitter.com/thegreatcodyWWWYKI