Now, here's some live notes from WrestleMania 26 from my buddy Ed Eastin Jr. aka Edswoggle, who was at the show sporting a t-shirt that said right on it. Thanks for the promotion, Ed. Oh, and I should point out that Ed likes to swear a lot more than me as you'll see below! It's why he's so appealing...just like Hornswoggle. Take it away!Here are some live notes:-Holy shitballs, this place was crazy packed. By the way, getting out of this area was INSANE; we had to wait two hours just to get out of the parking lot because some scheduling genius booked Paul McCartney at Jobing.Com Arena (right next door to UOP Stadium) last night- if you thought this year's MITB was a clusterfuck, just be glad you didn't have to experience this traffic nightmare.<!--more-->-I don’t know what OCD motherfucker was controlling the retractable roof, but it open & closed like somewhere between 7-10 times throughout the night; you probably couldn’t notice it on PPV because of the unnecessary tented structure over the ring (one of it’s beams blocked a good portion of the ring for me from where I was sitting - very fucking grrr lol).-The mini round rotating tron was cool as shit- it really made an awesome image for Orton’s win and for Edge's enterance- RATED RKO FTW!-I can’t speak for the rest of the crowd, but yes, I was exhausted as shit by the time HBK vs. Taker happened, but I still cheered my ass off, and was in awe- and have the bittersweet honor of being able to say that I WAS THERE when Shawn Michaels, my all-time favorite (like John), retired from active competition. The Flair-esque sendoff was a moment that I didn’t expect and it made me numb at first, then shedding tears while in utter disbelief.-Cena vs. Batista was exactly what I thought it would be.-McMahon vs. Hart was a big letdown for me…I thought the whole lumberjack family thing was very idiotic and unnecessary .-Money in the Bank was pretty cool to watch live, but me Denise were BEYOND DUMBFOUNDED when Swagger won. I guess they wanted to give the case to someone that would lose the match when he cashed it in? I REALLY don’t see them putting a World title around Swagger’s waist anytime in the next year, if ever. I don’t hate the guy, I just don’t think he has what it takes to be over enough to be Championship material.-Yoshi Tatsu, as noted during the live broadcast, won the battle royal. However, something that you may not have known is that Hornswoggle tried to help Finlay win the battle royal, as he executed a frogsplash on either Mike Knox or Zack Ryder, and then was thrown into the mat and out of the ring by the other. Yes, I know it should be next to impossible to confuse Mike Knox with Zack Ryder, but I was high up, and by the time Undertaker vs. HBK started, I was so tired that I could only remember Yoshi Tatsu won, and eliminated Zack Ryder in doing so.-During the Battle Royal, the NXT guys were on stage watching the battle royal- dressed really nice. -The tag match really needed to be longer; I don't remember seeing Truth & Morrison getting any noticeable offense in.-Didn't notice Vickie's tribute to Eddie at first, but DAMN that frogsplash did not look pretty.-I felt HHH vs. Sheamus at the time was an underwhelming match, but watching a replay of it online, it seemed more lucky are those that saw that match on PPV or closer than me.-I wish Punk vs.Mysterio was a lot longer, or at least had the original stipulation. The best part of this match live was Punk's promo to the ring.-If you're ever in the greater Phoenix area, make sure you hit up BABY'S STEAK & LEMONADE on 83rd Ave & Union Hills- this place is owned & operated by Armando Estrada! SERIOUSLY! The man brought out my Italian Beef Sandwich yesterday. The food was OUTSTANDING- didn't need an $8 hotdog or $7 plate of Nachos from the stadium because I was full during my entire Wrestlemania experience after dining at Baby's...and the lemonade was the BEST I'VE EVER DRANK IN MY LIFE!-The pyros and stage imagery were awesome, even from my shitty seats- I got a lot of those types of pictures and video (even though I wasn't supposed to take video....*whistles*).All in all- the Wrestlemania experience was something else....wasn't my favorite show of all time, but it was definitely the biggest and most important show I've ever been too- every true fan should attend Mania at least once in their lives....and I couldn't be happier that I did.Well, better seats would've made me happier.Thanks Ed. I thought it was a good show. Not everybody agrees, but it would have been cool to see it live.I have a brief WrestleMania note to share. From the Wrestling Observer, if you're wondering why Vickie won it's because Eddie Guerrero's grave in Phoenix. When he died they lived there. It was their way of paying tribute to him. Apparently a lot of wrestlers went to Eddie's grave to visit during the week. Vickie now lives in El Paso, Texas closer to her family to help with the kids. I think it was a very fitting and touching tribute. If you're wondering why Vickie got the pin, that's probably why. Oh and you can update your address books if you have my email address. It's now so email me there if you want. The old gmail one will still be used, but I'm not sending out emails from it due to the whole hacker issue debacle of last week. That's all. Enjoy Raw tonight. See you late, at about 1amET, for The Raw Deal.