What's happening guys? As you probably know by now, the new WWE 13 wrestling game has a facebook page where you can actually create your own cover. It's pretty sweet. So sweet in fact that yesterday, Andrew Johnson posted a column featuring various covers submitted by readers of TJRwrestling.com.

Yours truly submitted some of his own, but was told they were "too professional" to be featured. So in other words, Andrew thinks that my job skills are over qualified. Story of my life. And that's what she said. Wait what? Anyways, since I have the pleasure of having my own column, I decided to post them here for your viewing pleasure.




I caught Monday night RAW like I do every week and guess what? Yep. I feel asleep. Again. I hate 3 hour RAW shows. I know I am not alone. Care to venture a guess as to which part I passed out at? If you guessed Kane versus Big Show, you are correct. Almost made it to the ending but I had to watch a replay of it. I'll be honest here. If you read my stuff often, it's no secret that I am just not a huge fan of the product right now. I don't know what it is or if becoming a father recently has something to do with it, but I just find it very hard to get into it like I have use to be.

There have been certain moments that I like here and there, but very few since Wrestlemania. I'm just not a fan of any storyline right now other than anything Kane and Daniel Bryan are involved in together. That Big Show versus Kane match was a sleeping pill just waiting to happen, not to mention that stupid game show segment had no place on the show. I also wish they did more with the Divas. I wish for a lot of things. Of all the things I would like to see, logic is and will always be at the top of my list.

Can someone explain to me (other than the brutal ratings RAW has been getting as of late) why AJ was let go as RAW GM? I know rumors are swirling of a Ric Flair return, but disregarding that, AJ was let go by the board of directors because there were apparent claims of her inappropriate relationship with an active superstar?

Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't she in a love triangle with CM Punk, Kane and literally in the middle of about to get married to Daniel Bryan before she was made GM? These board of directors are pretty stupid if you ask me. Or WWE creative. Take your pick. Whichever is real to you I suppose.

The positive in this is that hopefully AJ can go back to wrestling. The fact that she was made GM when she had a lot of momentum will hurt her going forward a bit I think. She could have really capitalized off of it career wise, but instead she was placed in a non-wrestling role. It could have even helped the dying Divas division. Oh well. Nothing we can do about it now, but try to stay positive and hope for the best for her going forward.

Even though my interest as of late hasn't been where it usually is, I am really trying to look at the good things happening. Yes the tag team division is being more focused on. Yes we have been getting some great TV matches. And yes they are even pushing Ryback all of a sudden. So there is change.

In the case of Ryback, l hate to point out the obvious but he is only getting this now because Cena got injured. Plan and simple. I'm sure he would have eventually got there, but the fact that they had to rely on an injury in order to do this now is pretty sad. Not to mention that a Hell in a Cell match should be between two established wrestlers to end a feud, not start it. That is what happens when you have gimmick pay per view events.

Now you are faced with a match between an undefeated monster and your current and reigning WWE Champion. And it can't end with a DQ. If anything, besides the tag team championship match, this is the only thing remotely interesting to me as far as this Hell in a Cell pay-per-view is concerned. I'm very curious to see how WWE books this.

I would love to see a returning Mark Henry or Brock Lesnar to set up a future feud with Ryback. Then again, don't be shocked if CM Punk loses. He may still be punished for knocking out that fan. As long as that fan doesn't do a run in with those stupid sunglasses, I'm good.

Until next time, sit back, relax and Melo Out.

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