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The buildup of Rock versus CM Punk

This week on Raw we got another Rock concert and when it was all said and done, it was okay. Nothing amazing. Just silly comedy, which if you have been living under a rock under all these years (see what I did there?), then you would already know that is what The Rock is all about. Silly comedy and catchphrases. But even knowing that I can honestly say that I really could have done without hearing "cookie puss" and "twinkie tits." Not that it angered me like I see it angered some people, but I just think at this point The Rock is better than that and has evolved beyond these silly pointless catchphrases. I understand why he does it, because it is a quick and simple way to get the crowd going. And for some reason they eat it up. That's the power of the most electrifying man in all of sports entertainment apparently.

As far as the actual build up towards CM Punk versus The Rock at Royal Rumble, it has just been okay. Punk's "pipebomb" was great and all and the brawl after the concert was sort of unexpected, but not really. You watch wrestling for so long you tend to become conditioned to what is going to happen next.

With one week left before the Rumble, something big needs to happen this Monday on RAW. It's going to be a great match regardless I am sure and will do great buys, but I know they can do better. Let's see if they surprise me or if we will get the same shoot style from Punk and same silliness from Rocky.

The 2013 Royal Rumble Match 

To borrow something my friend John Canton wrote earlier this week: "I have a confession to make. I love the Royal Rumble match. I think the concept of the Rumble match is brilliant. Two people start the match, then every 90 seconds (sometimes less than that and sometimes more than that) somebody else runs into the ring until all thirty guys have entered. To eliminate somebody from the match they have to go over the top rope to the floor with BOTH feet touching the floor. As WWE likes to inform us all the time, there are no friends in the Royal Rumble. Only foes."

It's true. I always have loved the Royal Rumble. Next to Wrestlemania it's the one pay per view of the year I always look forward to because of how awesome the match itself really is. This year has been interesting as far as booking for the Rumble has been concerned.

A few names have already made it clear that they are entering the Rumble and the frontrunner right now on the rumor mill is John Cena is winning it once again to set up Rock & Cena 2 for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania.

This year it seems like more focus has actually been put on Rock and Punk instead of the Rumble match itself. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I think due to this people are just assuming Cena is winning the Rumble and therefore the overall hype doesn't seem to be where it usually is, especially this close to the pay-per-view.

I really do not want to see Cena win it since that would be very predictable. I think it would be cool if Punk beat Rock at Rumble, but lost it to Rock at the Elimination Chamber. Cena then simply challenges the Rock at Wrestlemania and Rock accepts, but not without some heel actions on Cena's part.

As far as who wins the Rumble? I think it would be great if Ziggler won, challenged Del Rio for it at Wrestlemania, only to lose. Big E Langston lays out Del Rio after the match very badly and Ziggler simply cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase, puts a foot on Alberto's motionless body and wins. That to me would be different and enjoyable to see. I would even have Ricardo try to enter the ring to stop it, but have Langston grab his feet to prevent it. Let him use his emotions and facial reactions to elevate the moment. It's gold in my opinion. Gold!

Alberto Del Rio wins the World Title and is now a babyface

Speaking of Alberto Del Rio, I need to be brutally honestly here. I have not been happy with the way WWE has been handling his face turn. One minute he is suddenly just teaming with the Miz and Brooklyn Brawler and the next he is running over Santa Claus. Don't get me wrong. I am very happy to see him as World Heavyweight Champion. That last man standing match on Smackdown on January 11th was phenomenal. The spot where Big Show knocked him out and he rolled to the outside of the ring was very impressive. Why? Because it was different, unexpected and enjoyable. Props to whoever came up with that idea.

When thinking about the actual face turn itself, there was no build for it. Just like The Miz, they just one day decided "Hey, we need more babyfaces. Let's make this guy a babyface." Will it work? In Del Rio's case, I think he can make it work because there are a lot of people that actually like the guy, be it for his wrestling ability or gimmick. I hope it does work for him because I have personally always liked the guy and want to see him do well.

The Miz on the other hand, it's not that I don't like the guy. I just find his character to be very annoying and therefore not likable. His face turn needs a proper build up, which it never got. And now he has been given Flair's figure four leg lock to help get him over. I still think he will be a heel again by the time the end of the year rolls around.

Brock Lesnar Contract Extension

Speaking of predictions, it would appear that I am very close to being 1 for 5 in my 2013 predictions already as rumors have been flying around the internet that WWE is trying to lock in Lesnar for another year long contract.

"WWE officials have offered Brock Lesnar a new contract, according to a report in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Lesnar’s current deal expires right after WrestleMania 29 and the company is eager to lock him in for another year. The new contract would be very similar to his current arrangement, which pays him several million dollars to work a very limited schedule that includes a few high-profile pay-per-view matches and several WWE television appearances in the weeks leading up to those fights." (Source: Wrestling Observer)

Both parties would be stupid not to do the deal. Here's hoping for two reasons. The first being that I'm a Brock Lesnar guy and secondly, I plan on going 5 for 5 by the time 2014 rolls around with my predictions. If Miz goes heel, then I will be 2 for 5. And in case you forgot in order for me to get a perfect score, Dolph Ziggler needs to become a top babyface, Daniel Bryan needs to re-capture the World title and Natalya needs to become a top heel. I think it's my year baby!

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I'll leave you with a video. Make sure to go to the 1:08 part of this video. Big Show is going to do something to Del Rio that isn't very PG at all!

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