What’s up everyone? Hope everyone has had a safe and sober two weeks since I last wrote a column. Then again, this weekend is St. Patrick’s so most of you are probably reading this right now drunk out of your minds, which is fine. Just please don’t drink and drive.

Wrestlemania is fast approaching us and I should be excited. But it’s weird because for the first time in years my excitement level is nowhere at the level that it usually is and I found myself asking the other day why? Maybe it has to do with the fact that being a first time father has me more concerned with my son these days than the wrestling product in general. Or it could be because it seems like it is the Wrestlemania of rematches with Cena taking on the Rock again and Triple H facing Lesnar again, even though that is a match from Summerslam. Still, it is a rematch none the less. Also, it’s not like the storyline builds have been particularly phenomenal with Rock being the WWE Champion and only showing up on a part time basis. Why not have him wrestle on RAW? The same thing can be said for Lesnar.

It’s weird that the two biggest draws that WWE has right now are part time workers. And the smart fan is very much aware of that. Technically one could say it’s the top four workers that are part timers if you include Triple H and Undertaker on that list.

It’s sort of discouraging to think of it that way and then wonder what the future holds for the WWE. I’m not saying the talent isn’t there because with guys like Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Damian Sandow and Antonio Cesaro just to name a few of the top of my head, the talent is there. It’s just more a question of how everybody is being used at this point. With so much importance focused of these part timers at the biggest wrestling event of the year, one can’t help but think of these guys.

I’m not an idiot. I understand why WWE does it. Rock can draw as well as Lesnar, regardless if they are part time workers or not. Undertaker's streak has taken on something of its own that people seem to buy into every year, even though at this point it is safe to always assume that the streak will never be beaten. And Triple H, well in his case he is a veteran who can do whatever he wants because of the position he has placed himself within the company. Like it or not, these guys can all draw and I am well aware of that.

Other than Undertaker taking on Punk, there really isn’t too much to look forward to in terms of freshness. Dare I even say that if Paul Bearer had not passed away, would this whole CM Punk and Undertaker angle really have me at the attention level that it has me at right now? More than likely not. And it is pretty sad when you think about it. That the death of an actual wrestling personality has been used - like most of us predicted it would - to enhance the appeal of a storyline. I’m not saying I have a problem with it or that William Moody would have had a problem with it as well. I’m just saying that it’s pretty sad that Paul Bearer is gone and that his involvement in this whole Undertaker and Punk feud is what has me interested in Wrestlemania.

With all the talent they currently have, I guess what it comes down to is that in my opinion I am just a little disappointed with the creative department on this one and was really hoping for more creativity in terms of how certain wrestlers would be booked by this point and how certain storylines have played out. Am I alone on this one?

On another note, I know this is pretty random but why is Miz even still a face? His attitude and mannerisms have not changed much. He is still annoying and I just can’t buy into this whole face turn or him using the figure four leg lock and all of a sudden being Ric Flair’s golden boy. It’s as if WWE just decided one day let’s make him a face because he has a straight to DVD movie coming out and he just plain sucks right now. Come on WWE. Really?

At least with Alberto Del Rio, you gave us a reason to want to cheer for the guy by making him more humble. It also helps that Del Rio is a much better wrestler than Miz. But to just expect people to want to cheer for a guy who still acts the same and is still as every bit as annoying as he was when he was a heel just doesn’t make any sense.

Finally, my last column got the most feedback I have ever got on anything that I have ever written. So for those of you who took the time to read, comment, leave feedback and even share your own personal stories, I thank you very much for that. And for those of you who thought that I needed a marijuana 101 course, you completely missed the point of my article. I am very well aware that alcohol and weed are two different things. I never argued that they were the same. I know what both do to you and regardless of your opinions on which one is worse, there is no denying that depending on how much you have of either that your judgment is for sure going to be impaired. And for those that shared stories saying of how much you are able to consume and still be fine, congratulations. You apparently have a much higher tolerance level than the average individual, but you still missed the point just like Jimmy Uso for the second time. His father needs to give him a stink face. Maybe that will knock some sense into him once and for all.

That’s all for this week's edition. Just a lot of current things that I felt I needed to get off of my mind. Thanks again for reading and for leaving your feedback and comments. Hopefully in 2 weeks time I will more excited about Wrestlemania than I am right now. Just knock on wood it doesn’t take another wrestling related death to make me that much more interested.

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