Over the weekend the news broke that Abraham Washington, better known as A.W., better better known as "Rape Joke Guy", was given his release by WWE. And, surprisingly, he's not very happy about it.

From NoDq:

After WWE unceremoniously terminated A.W.'s contract Friday for what a company spokesman said was due to his continued use of offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media after uttering a rape joke on the July 30 episode of Raw, the All World Promotions chief posted a barrage of vitriolic messages on Twitter blistering his former employer for what he perceives are double standards.

Double standards? In the WWE? Shenanigans I say. Shenanigans!

A.W. strongly feels it is unjust that he's now out of job when Big Show made a similar remark referencing NBA player Kobe Bryant's sexual assault case, Vince McMahon reneged WWE's anti-bullying campaign two months ago on Raw by ridiculing Jim Ross' facial paralysis, CM Punk told a fan on Twitter to kill himself, Triple H simulated mock sex with a mannequin in a casket, McMahon used a racial epithet on national television, and the company showcased a character making light of mentally challenged individuals, among other unsavory events.

This is... all making a ton of sense, you guys.

A.W. feels he is a casualty of Linda McMahon's Republican pursuit of a United States Senate seat in Connecticut, which many have speculated has led the sports-entertainment organization to take action on any matter deemed controversial so as not to affect her campaign.

He tweeted to Linda, "Creates jobs my ass!! I'm fired thanks to you and your campaign."

Okay, here are my thoughts on this whole thing. If you read the Smacking Of Smackdown (and if you don't you really should, because seriously what the hell?) than you already know I think his firing is just, because if we live in a world where my boy D-Bry right here can get fired for choking Justin Roberts with a tie, A.W. better get sent his walking papers for making implied rape jokes on national televison. It's the world we live in right now, so you either need to adapt or GTFO. However, there might be a silver lining to this whole thing. At least, that's what Dave Metzler, the editor of Wrestling Observer, seems to think:

From 411 Mania:

"The more he says, the better his chances of being brought back in a while. Vince has no respect for people he bullies and don't fight back. He hired Bischoff, Bret (spent ten years begging for him to comeback and even brought him back after Bret walked out on him the day of Mania), Sable, Billy Graham, yet never touched Heenan except for one shots. I doubt even he knows it but he's playing it smart in the long run."

So cheer up A.W., if history has taught us anything you'll be brought back in a few months, win the MITB, become the GM of Raw, make Vince tap out at WrestleMania, and then be fired again after Vince throws you in a garbage truck. Ahh, the world of professional wrestling. What a dignified and respectable career.


Sofia Cortez was also released by WWE this weekend due to what some are calling an "ego problem". To which I responded with "Yeah, okay," and then went back to whatever it was that I was doing all the while wondering who the f**k Sofia Cortez is. (All Wrestling)

Ric Flair's daughter Ashley, who has been working in FCW, has been renamed Charlotte by WWE managament. Hey, isn't there something else that recruits young people, trains them to think and act the way they want them to, and changes their names for the sake of ownership? I thought there was. Oh well, I'm sure I'll think of it sooner or later. (Lords Of Pain)

TJR Editor And Chief John Canton's article was stolen last week (this one right here) and it was posted on Ring Side News for a few hours before it was taken down. So I want to take a minute to kindly ask all plagiarists out there to keep your filthy f**king paws off of TJR's articles. Also, other websites, please make sure the articles you are blindly publishing aren't lifted from other websites, especially when they have the same goddamn title and headline image. And since I'm a vengeful Johnson, here's something you can pin on your fridge to remind yourselves to never do it again.













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