Hey yo. I'm filling in for Andrew Johnson, who normally writes these Monday Headlines. He is sick with the flu, but he also may be sick because his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers committed seven turnovers yesterday in losing to the lowly Cleveland Browns. I don't blame him. That was an awful performance by the Steelers. At least my Rams won. Anyway, let's see what Headlines are out there today. 

The Wrestling Observer/F4Wonline.com reports (during their radio show that I listened to) that the second hour of Raw will feature a promo. From who? Here's that bit of news from WrestlingInc

"As of Sunday night, the plan was for tonight's second hour of RAW to kick off with Michael Cole interviewing Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns."

Two things: 1) Let Ambrose talk for the group. He's got the talent to be an elite promo man in the business, so please let him be the one that speaks for the group. 

2) You don't have to use this show to reveal that they are in an alliance with CM Punk and Paul Heyman. That's what people think already. Don't give it away. If you're going to reveal that they are together, save it for the TLC PPV. 

I'm looking forward to the promo. I guess that means the first hour of Raw will be filled with 37 replays of their attacks on Ryback.


1 PM ET update. WWE confirms the promo is a go on their Twitter account.


So there ya go. It's happening. Unless they chage their mind. 

I'm writing the Raw Deal live tonight, by the way. Thank a shitty Monday Night Football game for that one. I miss writing it live. I will resume doing that regularly (or every other week) in January. 


- On Twitter, a fan tweeted Chris Jericho using bad grammar saying "shame of you" to WWE for not including a Jericho match on the "Best PPV Matches of 2012" DVD. Jericho's response: 

"I agree. LAME." 

I think Jericho has a right to feel that way. I would have included the Jericho/Punk match from Extreme Rules on there. I enjoyed that match more than their WrestleMania match. 

Here's the full list of matches from the "Best PPV Matches of 2012" DVD courtesy of my friends at WWEDVDNews.com. They include the Punk/Bryan match from Money in the Bank rather than their Over The Limit match, which was a match of the year contender. Maybe they left the OTL one off because it's on the Punk DVD. Still, if you're calling it the best PPV matches then you need to actually include the best ones. 

TJR Did You Know? Calling a DVD "Best PPV Matches of 2012" and not including the actual best matches of the year is blatant false advertising. You're welcome. 


- As mentioned by Lonestar on Friday, CM Punk was the Grand Marshall of the Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago. Here's a video of CM Punk talking about how he's going to hurt The Rock at the Royal Rumble. 


So you're saying the TLC PPV in December is irrelevant? Wait, we already knew that. I actually like that PPV, though. Gimmick matches are fun. 


- Former WWE superstar The Godfather/Papa Shango/Kama/The Goodfather did an interview with the site IMETAWrestler.com recently. Here are a few highlights gathered from Lordsofpain because I'm lazy: 

On the Papa Shango character: "I used to read books on voodoo, in fact I built an entire voodoo library. Everything I said in my promos was real and legit. All the props were from voodoo stores. It was totally authentic. The effects guys worked with the staffs and sticks so that they all did something different. I had a bunch of them - some would shoot sparks, others had smoke and lights that came out of them." 

As a kid growing up a WWE fan I was legit scared of Papa Shango. It worked on me. As an adult I can't believe how many bad matches this guy had. And the Papa Shango matches were worse than the ones in his other gimmicks too. Painfully bad. 

Papa Shango returning in 1997 but replaced by Kane: "A lot of people don't know this, but Papa Shango was going to return in 1997. It was going to be a more gritty, realistic version with a mask instead of paint. They created the costume and the new entrance. But what happened was, the decision was then made to do Kane. I guess they felt there wasn’t enough room for two dark, supernatural characters, and so I became Kama Mustafa and they put me in The Nation. I've still got some 8x10 promos of me in the new mask and gear." 

Never knew that. I'm fine with it not happening, though. Kane is the better character and performer. By a lot. 

On the Attitude Era: "I got away with talking about weed so openly on TV because the network executives had no idea what I was saying. They didn’t understand the slang. They had no idea what a "fatty" or a "blunt" was, so I was able to say all this stuff and they had no clue. My friend in Cypress Hill said he was amazed at the shit I got away with." 

No USA Network executive knew what a fatty or blunt was? I've never smoked pot in my life, but even I know those words. I figure they're pretty common. Apparently not. Maybe the executives knew and just didn't care because of how many viewers Raw was bringing in during those days. That could be it. Everybody has a price, after all. 

On almost joining WCW and the nWo: "I almost went to WCW to be Hogan’s enforcer in the nWo. I named my price, the contract was being drawn up, and then at the last minute, I got a call saying the contract was being retracted and there was no longer an offer for me. I was stunned, man, just stunned. I asked why, and it turned out that Virgil offered to do it for a third of the price because he wanted to be back on TV so bad. That dumb motherf---er cost us both." 

I didn't know that either. It sounds like a Virgil thing to do. If you want to see more about the "legendary" (in quotes for a reason) Virgil be sure to check out this great Tumblr page: Lonelyvirgil.tumblr.com All he wants is somebody to pay for a photo! Come on, people!  


- Remember TNA Knockouts Velvet Sky and Angelina Love? If you say no that's okay. Velvet was most famous for shaking her ass on the middle rope while throwing the worst clotheslines in the history of the business and Angelina was booked like a drugged up zombie for a year because…well…Vince Russo booking.

They left TNA because they were paid so poorly that they would rather work on the indies where they could make more money. Yes that's right, TNA pays some of their talent less than independent wrestling companies. There's a reason TNA tapes television in front of an audience that gets into the "Impact Zone" for free. 

Anyway, back to the point. Velvet and Angelina are on the cover of "Models Mania" magazine. (WrestlingInc) Magazines still exist? Apparently. Here's the cover: 

In August I actually suggested that WWE should hire these two. I doubt it happens, though. They're actually experienced performers and we all know WWE would rather hire models who barely know what they're doing. 


That's all from me. Like I noted earlier, I'm writing a live Raw Deal tonight exclusively here on TJRWrestling.com. Is it still three hours? Shit. I guess I'll stick around for the whole thing. Usually I watch the NFL game live and Raw later, but this week's NFL game features two bad teams. Once the new year gets here I'll write the Raw Deal live every other week or whenever is most convenient for me.

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