Fozzie: MITB....thoughts?

 Aires: Did you happen to watch the pre-show tag title match?  Absolutely fantastic match.  Great to see the Usos get time to shine.  Those two are very solid, and between them and Rollins/Reigns, they put on one of the best tag matches I've seen in a while.  Other than that, very solid show.  I was pumped to see Sandow go after Cody and then get the briefcase.  Orton winning was damn near completely out of left field, but I don't mind it, especially if it is what finally leads him to go back to his natural heel tendencies.

Fozzie: I caught the end of the tag match. I thought Reigns was gonna spear Uso #1 right out of the power bomb position. It was a good match from what I saw.

Orton winning was a shocker, and I don't think I like it too much. I was really pulling for Daniel Bryan because a win here and a subsequent successful cash-in would have been enough to put him in the upper echelon. But they go with Mr. RKO because f**k that. On the other side, I'm salivating over a Rhodes/Sandow feud. Rhodes was the star if that match in my eyes, and I think they have big plans for him. 

Aires: I think it's fairly obvious that they have big plans for D-Bry.  Him winning the match would have been huge, and a great choice, but the Orton one doesn't hurt Daniel Bryan.  Orton has been out of the title picture for a while now.  It was only a matter of time before he was back in it.  I just didn't expect a showdown between Orton and Cena.  They've kept the two of them apart for a long time.

But yes, the World title picture seems to be a lot more interesting now.  A Sandow/Rhodes feud could be a lot of fun.

Fozzie: I don't ever want to see Cena and Ortonn feud ever again. So boring. 

Aires: It's much better than Cena/Ryback.

So do you think both Sandow and Orton will immediately go into the title pictures, or will they slow build them?  And since you brought it up, what do YOU think this means for Daniel Bryan?

Fozzie: I think they slow build Sandow. I'm pretty sure they're going to feud him with Cody in the short term. As for Orton, he's one of those guys who could cash in at anytime. Just my opinion. 

As for Bryan, how about him being used in the Brock/Punk/Heyman feud? I think that would be awesome. I think though they are going to have An Axel/Bryan feud in order to get Axel more over and have competitive matches. 

Aires: An Axel/Bryan feud?  I'll take it.  Got lots of opportunities for the younger guys to step up.

Fozzie: I'll take it too, although I think it's a step backwards for Bryan. Should be a fun feud though. 

Aires: Anything is a step back for Daniel Bryan.  That's a duh statement.  He's a beaded wrestling deity.

Fozzie: I am a proud member of the Church of The Flying Goat. What else we got?

Aires: So the WWE released an article detailing the 25 hottest body that have graced the squared circle.  Trish Stratus at #1 should not surprise a whole lot of people, but John Cena at #2 does.  Wait.  Why do I care?  Why isn't Dusty Rhodes on the list?  (WWE.COM)

Fozzie: WWE released a video promoting The Ultimate Warrior’s appearance in WWE 2K14. The video features Warrior walking around an office beating people up if they didn’t pre-order the game. It’s pretty funny, and it appears that Warrior is finally in on the joke that he has become, but he still doesn’t beat Geico’s Hump Day Camel as best office intruder ever. (NODQ)

Aires: Tamina Snuka has been absent, and we now know why.  She actually has a part in her cousin Dwayne's new Hercules movie.  Good for her.  I'm sure Dwayne had a little say in getting her on board the flick, but at least she'll get more screen time in that movie than she has gotten on WWE programming in several months. (TAMINA’S TWITTER)

Fozzie: There is an interview out now by ‘Inside the Ropes’ of former WWE Raw commentator, Rob Bartlett. In the interview, he remembers Randy Savage, talks about calling Yokozuna a “big oriental”, and the first Monday Night Raw. I know what you’re thinking: “Fozzie, I’ve been watching Raw since the beginning. I don’t remember Rob Bartlett.” Of course you don’t. Nobody does. But in the interest of fairness, here is a picture to jog your memory:

You’re Welcome. (NODQ)