Every year, as we gear up for the next class of inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame, people complain about who is and is not part of it. Granted, there are some glaring omissions, as well as some questionable inclusions, but the bottom line is (just like everything in wrestling) it’s not an actual thing, and getting bent out of shape over it is stupid. Bruno Sammartino is one of those who people think should be in, and is not, but he doesn’t really want to be.<!--more-->From PWInsider:
Okay, first of all, let’s talk about the Hall of Fame. You see what people don’t understand about this Hall of Fame, they say that I’m being stubborn now. That’s not true. The first year he came out with the Hall of Fame, they totally ignored me like I didn’t exist. They named certain people—I don’t even remember who they inducted first—but they got these people. I was never even mentioned because that was McMahon—in my opinion—that was his way of showing me that “you don’t mean nothing to us” or “you’re out, you’re finished, you’re a has-been”. OK. But what happened was, it backfired on him because people called, wrote in, all kinds of stuff like “how the heck could you call that Hall of Fame? Here’s a guy who’s World Champion for almost twelve years. Sold out the Garden more times than all these blah blah blah, and he’s not in Hall of Fame…” It was because I guess he didn’t expect that kind of reaction. And after that a few years later, his attorney contacted me (Jerry McDevitt) and tried to talk me to go into it, and I said no, that I was not interested in it. I said first of all because I don’t believe I had part of that part of the wrestling. I was in the WWWF, not the WWF that he had which he transformed into something completely different from the wrestling that I had been involved with, number one. And I said so I don’t want no part of that Hall of Fame.
So the thing is, aside from being involved in the first Wrestlemania, Sammartino isn’t really part of WWF/E, because he was part of the business when it was completely different. It’s fine for him to not feel like he should be in the WWE Hall of Fame when he was a pro wrestler before sports entertainment existed. Yeah, there are guys from that era who grace the hallowed halls of the—wait, what? There are no actual hallowed halls?
I’d say “If you ‘re gonna go to this Hall of Fame, would you want to take your kids or whatever, tell me, where do you take ‘them?” I said, don’t you get it? This is strictly a marketing gimmick; this is no Hall of Fame! Where’s the building? Where’s the place that people can go to and see, what?
That’s another issue a lot of people have with the Hall of Fame. It doesn’t exist. Supposedly, there are plans to build an actual structure to house memorabilia, etc, but currently no such place exists. The Hall of Fame is two things:1)      An opportunity to ghosts of wrestling’s past to take one final bow (unless you’re Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross…ok, you get the point) in front of a throng of people who love them, and thank them for following their careers.2)      An opportunity to sell 20,000 tickets to watch people talk, some of whom haven’t really done anything in wrestling.The Living Legend (because f**k Larry Zbyszko) goes on to mention how he is not a fan of what Vince McMahon has done to the wrestling business, and that’s understandable. Most of today’s fans will never appreciate matches from before 1995, let alone 1965. It’s a spectacle that’s been fueled by sex and violence (and still is, to a degree). Besides, the guy is 186 years old. He can say what he wants, and he should be respected for it, because he can still rip your ears off.If you haven't clicked the link to read the story yet, do it. He talks about how ridiculous it is that Flair and Hogan still wrestle, how Hogan is a liar (in case you needed any more evidence), what he thinks about Kurt Angle, and probably his blood pressure. Because old people are always talking about their damn blood pressure. Here's the link again, in case you're too lazy to scroll up.

In other news…

Trish Stratus recently did another interview where she was asked about the incident with John Morrison at last year’s Wrestlemania, where he apparently gave her the cold shoulder. I wish, instead of talking about it, Trish would just say, “Does anyone actually give a sh*t about that? It was a year ago! Can we just talk about how hot I am?” The answers are, in order, “No, never has anyone given less of a sh*t about anything,” and “Yes, please, absolutely.” (Lords of Pain)Since he was recently released from his TNA contract, there is talk of Brian Kendrick making a return to WWE to film some cruiserweight something for WWE Network. This is the same guy who, I believe, said he wouldn’t go back there because he just loved being high all the time  didn’t like the road schedule. (SEScoops)Speaking of the WWE Network, the word is that it should be set to launch “some time around November sweeps.” They shook the Magic 8-Ball again, and it said “Outlook not so good.” In our staff predictions column, I said the Network would fold within the year. If it never launches, I still get to count that, right? (PWPix)Boris Zhukov has come out with the information that Vince McMahon blocked him from working in the wrestling industry after he left the then-WWF in 1991. You know what, it’s Boris f**king Zhukov. Who cares? (PWInsider)Former WCW Heavyweight Champion, DDP, has said that the only person he would come out of retirement to face is Randy Orton. Diamond Cutter vs. RKO has big money written all over it…in 1983. (NoDQ)Don’t forget, there are only 9 days left in Mick Foley’s Wrestlemania Raffle. Just $10 will give you five chances to win a really awesome trip to Wrestlemania 28 in Miami, plus tons of extras, and the proceeds go to RAINN, which is a great organization. It’s only $10. If you donate and win, let me know so I can personally thank you in Miami. Even if you don’t win, I appreciate you supporting the cause. (RAINN)That’s it for me. I’ll be back on Thursday with a brand new Disasterpiece Theatre. This week, I’m watching Roddy Piper in Hell Comes to Frogtown. It sounds terrible, so it should be fun. Have a good week.-JacobFollow me on Twitter.