There has been a lot of discussion on the internet ever since CM Punk walked out of Raw last week. They didn't mention any injury. He didn't offer much of an explanation in a promo. It was simply a guy walking away. Of course internet wrestling fans think they have to know when he's coming back. Guess what? We don't know an exact date. And that's fine with me.

Here's an update on Punk's injuries from WrestlingInc with Wrestling Observer/F4WOnline as the source.

CM Punk actually has 4 different injuries to his knee at one time. Punk has a lot of pain in his lower leg but not the knee itself, despite the number of injuries. He has a strained ACL and other torn ligaments.


Before the leg injury, Punk was already planning on taking time off after WrestleMania 29 because he was mentally burnt out. Doctors advised him to stay out of the ring at least 6 weeks. He will not be at this Monday's RAW from England and how soon WWE asks him to return will likely depend on how the ratings are over the next few weeks.

I have two opinions on this:

1) The selfish fan in me says "oh shit Raw is going to suck without Punk on the show." Why? Because it probably will. Trust me I've reviewed every episode for four years. He's been the best performer during that period. He was my WWE wrestler of the year in 2011 and 2012 too. He will be missed.

2) If anybody deserves time off it is CM Punk. Injuries suck. They can pile up especially when you're working every week. Punk has had arm and knee issues in the past year. Hopefully he can use these two or three months to rest up, go to UFC shows with his girlfriend Lita (went to last two UFC events plus next week) and enjoy his time away from the ring. I think they're becoming UFC groupies. That's where the pic at the top is from, by the way.

I don't know when he'll be back. It could be as early as June's PPV is in his hometown of Chicago or perhaps after July's Money in the Bank so he's back to set up some match at Summerslam. It depends on his injuries. What are those injuries and how severe are they? We don't really know. And like I said before it's okay not to know.

With Punk off television hopefully it will lead to more screen time for people that deserve it and perhaps some NXT talents being called up to the main roster.

Or we could get more of the tall Indian guy with the midget! If I ever apply to work for WWE that's all I would pitch to them. Odd couple tag teams plus dancing fat guys. That's the key to Vince McMahon's heart, my friends.



- Is Zack Ryder turning heel? No idea. He posted a quick version of his internet show, but before it could go anywhere he shut it down.

That's one of the most creative things I've seen him do in years.

I think a change in character could help him. Why not pair him up with Curt Hawkins again and see if that team can add something to the tag division as heels? It's better than having them sit around doing nothing.

If you're wondering, my solution to using any struggling character is to put them in a tag team. That means you too, JTG & Yoshi Tatsu.


- Don't expect to see The Rock back on WWE TV any time soon.

The Rock told media in Europe recently that he'll be filming the new Hercules movie for 18 weeks, from the middle of May to October. If The Rock plans to work SummerSlam this year, the movie schedule would likely prevent him from doing much TV or WWE appearances to help promote the event. (Wrestlezone)

If we see him wrestle again it might be WrestleMania 30, but when you consider he tore his abdomen in his last match why risk getting injured again? Don't be surprised if Rock's role at WrestleMania next year is to be the headline name for the Hall of Fame.

WrestleMania 29 could have been his last match. As a fan of his I hope it was because he was definitely showing his age a bit. I also think he's too big. In his prime he was a big guy that was quick. He doesn't have that anymore.

In other Rock news, he confirmed he's having surgery next week.

Best of luck to him during his recovery. Also as somebody with a Greek background and lot of mythology knowledge, I never imagined that Hercules was a half black/half Samoan guy. Just saying.


- Mick Foley replied to a fan on Twitter saying he had wrestled his last match. This was his tweet.

I love Foley in a "really respect the guy" kind of way and I hope he's telling the truth with that. I think he is. It's definitely easier to walk away when you keep busy like Foley does with his comedy shows. After all, we want our retired wrestlers to have things to do because otherwise bad things can happen.

This seems to be a good time to mention that is a fantastic website.


- Finally, this is unrelated to anything involving current stuff, but I just saw it over the weekend. I had to share. It's from Raw in 1997. Goldust was in a tag match also involving Jim Neidhart. Goldust hit Neidhart with a punch to the shoulder. Neidhart bumped huge for it. And that ended the match. Yes. It actually happened.

If you heard the British Bulldog's music after Goldust won that would be correct too. After a quick search I found out it took place on June 16, 1997. What a messed up finish that was huh? (This is where you nod your head yes.)


That's all for now. I'm not going to write the Raw Deal live on Monday night. However, I should have it posted late Monday night at like 1amET if you're a night owl or if you're wondering when it will be posted. It's taking place in England, so hopefully the crowd is loud like usual.

Taping the show in England also means the results will be on the internet about four or five hours before Raw airs "live" on Monday night at 8pmET. Also keep in mind that half of the WWE crew is participating at a Smackdown house show at the same time, so we could get longer matches this week with less people available on Raw. I'm all for that.

Have a great week.

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