Hey yo. I'm filling in for Andrew with the Monday Headlines today because he's busy. Check out his Smacking of Smackdown column from this weekend for his views on that show.

There were a few things to pick as a lead story for Headlines, but I'm such a positive person that I wanted something good. There's too much negativity in the world. Not here.

The story I wanted to share was about CM Punk visiting his 77-year-old fan Tom Dotterer in the Syracuse, NY area last night. You may recall the Dotterer story from last month when Dotterer was shot in the eye in his liquor store. Here's a link to that.

Despite getting shot in the eye - I repeat shot in the eye - Dotterer claims that CM Punk losing the WWE Title to The Rock was the worst thing that happened to him all week. Shortly after that, WWE heard about his reaction and said that they would give Dotterer free tickets to the next WWE event in the area as well as a meeting with Punk.

Here's more info on the story from News Channel 9 in Syracuse:

WWE superstar CM Punk surprised CBA baseball coach Tom Dotterer in the hospital on Sunday, while friends held a fundraiser for him at the Pastime Athletic Club.

The 77-year-old was admitted back into the hospital on Saturday for emergency surgery related to his injuries.

Dotterer’s family told NewsChannel 9 that he is doing well and is expected to be released in a few days.

Back in February, Dotterer's story drew the attention of the WWE, which offered him front row tickets and a meet-and-greet with his favorite wrestler, CM Punk, at Sunday night’s event at the War Memorial.

Recovering at the hospital and unable to attend, CM Punk surprised Dotterer in his hospital room before the show.

I think it's pretty awesome that Punk and WWE would go out of their way to surprise Dotterer like that. These are the kind of things that WWE does to make their fans happy whether they're 7 years old or 77 years old in Dotterer's case. You can be a fan no matter how old you are.

It's nice to see that Dotterer is so passionate about WWE although it's a little bizarre that a wrestling match result brings you more pain than being SHOT IN THE EYE! I guess we have a different view on life.

In watching the video you can see that Dotterer is a great man that has given so much to so many people in his life. Hopefully Dotterer can attend the show the next time WWE heads to the Syracuse area.

Thanks to James Gaddis on Twitter for the info.


In Other News

- My friends at WrestleTalk TV released an interview Bret Hart did with them where he ripped on TNA's Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Hart called them worthless and have "zero to offer the business" among other things. He also said a guy like AJ Styles needs to get the hell out of TNA. Here's that video:

As somebody that is admittedly anti-Hogan and Bischoff I absolutely agree with his statements. For all the talk of TNA growing, it really hasn't. The ratings are about the same. Yes they're taping Impact on the road starting in Chicago in two weeks, but they also tried that a few years ago and there's a reason it stopped: money. I hope TNA is successful going forward. However, I really don't believe those two are the right guys to lead the way or play an important role in their future. 

Bret Hart's never been shy about sharing his opinions. I don't agree with all of them (namely that one about Triple H not even in the top 1000 wrestlers ever), but in this case I agree with most of what he's saying.

Regarding Styles, I'm pretty sure that WWE could have signed him multiple times. He had tryouts with WWE before TNA started in 2002 and I'm guessing when his contract was up in TNA he could have left at some point in the last 11 years. For whatever reason they didn't have interest him in because he's still in TNA (and booked horribly, I might add). The reason was probably that he is too short, but it's not like he's significantly smaller than some of the people in WWE right now. It's the same with Austin Aries. They could have had him too, but for whatever reason it didn't happen.

I don't have much of a joke here. Isn't TNA trusting Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff to steer the ship of a wrestling company in 2013 the joke in this situation? I think so.


- Is Vince McMahon on Twitter? Maybe. If you go to Twitter.com/VinceMcMahon (or @VinceMcMahon) it appears that the account is legitimately run by WWE. However, there are no tweets on the account. If you look at the 23 accounts it is following (as of Monday morning), all of them are WWE employees or involved with WWE in some way.

Of course one of the accounts that McMahon is following is Zack Ryder. That leads me to question the legitimacy because I have my doubts that McMahon even knows that Ryder works for him.  

Anyway, I'm sure that if McMahon's Twitter is real we'll see it from WWE's official account or WWE.com stooge Joey Styles in the next few days.


- Bruno Sammartino was inducted in the International Sports Hall of Fame on the weekend in Columbus, Ohio. Here's a picture of him with Triple H, who was on hand to support the soon to be WWE Hall of Famer.


Arnold Schwarzenegger was there too because the Arnold Classic was held there. It's a bodybuilding expo, basically. Needless to say that's not my thing.

The rumor is that WWE wants Arnold to induct Bruno into their Hall of Fame. No word yet on if it's going to happen or not, but obviously he's a very big name that would be a nice attraction for WWE.

Here's a clip of one of my favorite comedians Bill Burr talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger. The audio isn't safe for work, but it's great so be sure to listen to it when you can.

I think he sums it up very well. I also agree that the maid Arnold had a kid with should have been called "whore" more often than she was called a maid because it doesn't seem like she did a lot of cleaning when Arnold was the Governor of California. 


- This news just broke as I was set to post Headlines. The June WWE pay-per-view has finally has a name. It's called Payback. It takes place on June 16 in Chicago.

Maybe that awful Mel Gibson movie of the same name was inspiring? As Homer Simpson once asked: "Did Payback run away?" No. He did not.

I don't care about PPV names too much. I thought No Way Out was stupid. I think Over The Limit is awful. I care about booking of matches on the PPV. Call it "Crap in a Ring" for all I care. If the matches are good that's what matters.

To those hoping for King of the Ring, it's not happening. At least that saves us from having to remember that Mabel won King of the Ring in 1995. I'm sorry for reminding you. I'm just mean. Don't shoot me in the eye. (Wrestlezone)


That's all I have for you today. It's Old School Raw tonight. Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Ted Dibiae, the New Age Outlaws and others should be there.

Will The Undertaker be on Raw tonight? If I had to guess I would say yes.

Regarding the part time performers, no Brock Lesnar expected tonight. Chris Jericho is still in Australia with his band Fozzy, so he won't be there either. The WWE Champion The Rock will be there after missing last week's show.

I'll be back to write about Raw live tonight in my weekly Raw Deal, so be sure to visit us here at TJRWrestling.com for that starting at 8pmET. See ya then.

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