Fozzie:  You ok my friend? We should get this headlines thing going. John sent an email with an interview with Ambrose. Did you read it?

 Aires: Yeah I'm good.  Just wore out.  Working 70+ hours a week, having no days off, on top of all the storms we've had...I'm just about done.  I need a vacation pronto.  Haha. Read that Ambrose interview.  I love his confidence and his desire.

Fozzie: Man Ambrose came off as boss in that interview, didn't he? With the way he describes the groups mentality gives me hope for the rest of the guys in development. 

Aires: It's truly a sight for sore eyes to see someone who truly has that warrior (and student) mentality.  It sounds like he, Rollins, and Reigns all not only understand their opportunity here, but are making damn sure they are taking advantage of it, and putting all the other younger talent that DON'T have the same desire on notice.

Fozzie: Absolutely. The notice is simple: be hungry or get out. 

Aires: By the sounds of it, keeping guys in NXT for a while might be a good thing. Makes them want it more.

Fozzie: Regardless, it's refreshing to see this kind off thinking amongst those who are  supposed to be the future if the company. Instead if whining that management isn't paying attention, or they're being held back, you got guys who are taking their frustrations and channeling it into their work, so when they do get called up, they feel like they have something to prove, and they work harder to do so. 

Aires: I completely agree. The way Shield has been booked, and how those three have been performing gives me some hope for the post Cena future that we are going to see very soon.

Fozzie: Same here. And to think, all of this is PG..who knew? (That was sarcasm. If course you can be successful and entertain in a PG environment. All you need is good booking and consistent writing)

Aires: When we agree on everything, it makes me think the world is about to end. Or the rug is about to be yanked out from underneath us and Great Khali is going to get a World Title shot.

Fozzie: Careful Tornado boy. (Before I get any grief, this is my way of saying that I’m glad that my friend is ok.)

Aires: What else we got from this weekend?

Fozzie: Hall of Famer Bret Hart is upset that his brother Owen has not yet been inducted into the Hall of Fame with him. This isn’t WWE’s fault, as I believe they would induct him in a heartbeat, but rather  the blame lies with Owens widow, Martha. Bret says that she blames the wrestling business in its entirety for Owen’s death. While I do believe that she has every right to do what she’s doing, I think that it’s about time she lets her husband be recognized for what he did in his life. (NoDQ)

Aires: Stephanie McMahon announced a new tournament would start for the first ever NXT Women's Title (which was seen at WrestleMania Axxces).  McHelmsLevesque said she wanted to continue the tradition of creating the next wave of women's wrestlers by introducing a new title.  Anyone that knows anything about NXT knows the tournament is completely pointless.  Just put the damn thing on Paige and get her called up soon.  Although I'm hearing Bo Dallas has a legit shot as well.

Fozzie: During last night’s Slammiversary PPV, it was announced that the newest member of TNA’s Hall of Fame (Yes, they have one) is none other than Mr. Hacked Twitter himself, Kurt Angle. He joins Sting, who was inducted last year, as the second member of this elite group. While I’m not surprised they put him in, I’m just curious to know if Dixie understands how much it slights the homegrown talent of TNA, when not only do you push other guys ahead of them, but you give them  Hall of Fame pushes. (IMPACT)

Aires: The World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler, made his first appearance in about a month this Saturday night at a live show.  He came out to console AJ after a loss, then briefly stuck around to watch Big E's match before he and AJ were ejected from ringside.  While he has yet to be cleared by doctors to return to the ring, it sounds like he might be getting close.  Which is a good thing, because we can only watch the same 3 SmackDown matches every week for a few years.  Don't start adding more weeks to it. (NoDQ)